Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Terrible Twos All Over Again

Yesterday I took Tom and Abby to their annual physical with their pediatrician. They both have perfect vision and perfect health. Isn't it amazing that someone so sick, like me, can have these strong beautiful children?

At 11 years old + 1 month, Tom clocked in at 90 pounds and 4'9.25". That puts him at the 70th percentile for weight and the 50th percentile for height.  That is exactly the average height for an 11 year old and exactly the average weight for a 12 year old. Since last year he's gained 3 pounds and grown about 1.5".

At 11 years old + 1 month Abby clocked in at 55 pounds and 4'5.25".  That puts her not even on the chart for weight and the 10th percentile for height. She is exactly the average weight of an 8.5 year old and the average height of a 9 year old.  Since last year she has lost 3 pounds and grown about 1.5". To be honest, she was almost 60 pounds a little over a week ago, but she lost 5 pounds after not being able to eat for three days last week.  She had a fever and nothing sounded good.  She's been eating great and fully recovered since Thursday, but even 5 days of eating great has not lead to one ounce of weight gain. The doctor is not concerned at all. She will just always be my little peanut.

All day yesterday I thought I was taking my 11 year olds to their physical. I didn't tell them I was going to let the nurses give them a shot. Once Tom found out, he leapt off the examination table and ran around it to the corner to hide. He immediately started crying and we weren't even due to give the shots for another 20 minutes, until after the doctor did his examination. Oh, he sobbed all the way through the appointment and then when the nurse came in with the shots he completely melted down sobbing and screaming. I honestly thought, who is this kid? Is he two, or is he eleven?

I ended up holding him on my lap while Abby climbed on the exam table and received her flu mist and meningitis vaccine like a cool, calm, and collected adult.

When it was Tom's turn he was still on my lap and we were getting sweaty together and he was so upset his body temperature was rising and he started sweating, which made me sweat. I held him tight while they did the flu mist and he complained and sniffed and screamed and cried and sobbed and sobbed. Then when it came time to prep his arm for the vaccine he freaked out. The nurse explained it's just a cotton ball, there's no needle. No needle don't care, he was upset! Trying to hold him still was near impossible. When the shot came out and it was time for the injection he screamed at the top of his lungs "Wait! Wait! Wait! Let me relax my arm!" sob sob sob sob shrieking again, "Wait!".  Well the nurse found her opening and just went for it and it was done.

The whole incident reminds me of taking him for his first haircut at the barber. We both ended up in puddles of sweat and he was crying the whole time.

I'll have you know, he did recover rather quickly and I don't think he had any pain in his arm after the shot because he was acting completely himself. I took him to one of his favorite lunch spots in downtown Sacramento and that was the end of that.

We still have to get the Guradasil vaccine and that one is a 3 shot series over 6 months. I asked him if it would help if he picked out the date and time for those shots. We'll see if that approach works better than the "Surprise! It's shot time!"  I thought not telling him would be better, as that's how I've always done it in the past. Otherwise he'd be dreading it for the days leading up to the appointment. We could have started the Guradasil  yesterday, but I decided two vaccines in one day was enough. So we'll start it maybe later this month.

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Liza said...

My 12 year old (wcf) acts the same way about shots. We had flu shots last month at work and he ran and hid in my office. We've tried preparing him ahead of time, bribery and he still is a snotty, teary mess. So it's usually NOT telling him ahead of time and being matter of fact about the whole thing. He's taken to wearing an army helmet to help protect him.

I remarked to my dentist yesterday that he doesn't have a clue that Novocain involves a shot. He thinks they just paint on some banana flavored juice to numb the area. And how he's going to be soooo annoyed when he's in his 40s and discovers I've been lying to him all these years. But hey, he had two teeth pulled and actually thought it was fun because the dentist didn't let him see the needle.

It's always the anticipation, the build up ahead of time. We DID survive the Giardasil (sp) shots.