Thursday, October 01, 2015

Telford Twins Turn Eleven!

I say my heart split into three pieces on this day in 2004. Two of those pieces walk around outside my body, inside their own, they are my precious twins, Tom and Abby. Today they are 11 years old.

ELEVEN! We are officially tweens. Tom spends his hours after school at his (girl) friend's house. She's not his girlfriend but she is a friend that is a girl and he sure spends a lot of time with her. Abby spends her evenings texting her besties.

They still do a lot of things together, but they do a lot of things on their own too. They are the lights of my life. And they are really amazing.

This morning they opened some gifts on my bed before they went to school. Tom got a remote control  Millennium Falcon and some PEZ he had his eye on at the convention last February. Abby got some cute clothes and a ring with a purple stone in the shape of a heart, one of her favorite colors!

They came home from school with no homework. This is really unusual for Monday-Thursday, an no quizzes or tests tomorrow. So we can celebrate birthday day all night long.

Here are some pics of my grow(ing) up babies!

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