Monday, August 10, 2015

Do Curses Really Come in Threes? You Bet!

Tom had a terrible day yesterday.

The first curse.

We had to leave around 10AM to get to Tom's soccer tournament on Sunday. Around 9:45AM, Paul asked Tom to put Mozzi outside. Instead of putting Mozzi outside he decided to throw one of her toys, a 12" squeaking rubber chicken, over the back of the couch toward the kitchen. The rubber chicken flew across the kitchen table and like a bad game of Shuffleboard, the chicken cruised across the kitchen table, knocked the glass salt shaker down and off the table sending it crashing to the floor in glassy bits. And the salt, well, it was everywhere.

Tom immediately broke down in tears. He knew I had just purchased these salt and pepper shakers for Paul in May. They had elephants on top of them. We had just celebrated 14 years of marriage and the 14 year gift is ivory. Since hunting elephants for game/tusks is illegal, I did my best to play along with the elephant theme. Tom especially likes these shakers for some reason. We asked him to get the broom, dust pan, and small vacuum so Paul could clean up the mess before we left. I was thinking well, maybe I'll be buying a new set soon.

The second curse.

We were home from the soccer tournament around 3:30PM. Paul went out to run errands and grocery shop for the week. Tom and Abby were doing the usual, watching Youtube or Netflix on their iPads. Note: The twins don't actually own the iPads. They are the family iPads, but Tom has taken over the iPad Air and Abby has taken over the other one, not sure of the generation.

Around 4PM Tom comes running into my room hysterically crying, tosses the iPad onto my bed and crumbles onto the floor. The screen, well it was shattered to bits. He was walking into the kitchen, which has a tile floor, and he dropped the iPad onto the floor. Could have happened to anyone but since these kids are so careless and walk around with this expensive technology like it's attached to them all day long, it was bound to happen sooner or later.  The screen was shattered so bad that we eventually decided it shouldn't be used because as we kept using it throughout the day, we were losing shards of glass. It just wasn't safe. Replacement cost $300 minimum. Considering the cost of a new iPad is about $449, it's not worth it. I was thinking, well, maybe we'll be buying a new iPad soon. A little pit in my stomach for the cost of that one.

The third curse.

Around 6PM Tom was on the broken iPad, Facetiming his friend, while using the iMac (read very large expensive computer) for Minecraft. Suddenly there was a crash and I hear Tom say, "I have to go." He ran out of the den, to his room. Paul and I walked into the den to find the computer had been pushed off the desk, onto the carpeted floor. Paul called Tom back into the den to find out how this could have happened. He said he was playing Minecraft and he pushed the computer off the back of the desk. First of all, why was he touching the computer screen? We've asked the him repeatedly not to touch computer screens. Alas, he is 10 years old and he just doesn't think before he does these things.  The back case of the computer is bent, which would need to be replaced, and the screen is shattered, which would also need to be replaced. It will cost a lot of money is not worth the replacement costs. I was thinking, well, maybe we'll be buying a new computer before we planned to upgrade in March next year. Gulp. Another pit in the stomach.

So how does one kid destroy thousands of dollars worth of equipment in one day? It's easier than you think.

I talked to Tom last night and told him Dad and I decided he is on technology restriction, except for homework. He cannot use his iPod, any iPad, or the computer for two weeks. He's not allowed to watch Youtube or Netflix on any of the TV's either. He can watch regular TV. He's taking it pretty well. I feel bad for reprimanding him but we're hoping he can learn from this and have some respect for any and all of his or our property.

So yeah, I think the curses do come in threes. I hope we're done, for now. Not to mention, all of this happened after we decided, the day before, it's time to replace our washer and dryer. We're going to be bleeding money around here for awhile. What's that saying? It's only money and you can't take it with you. At least we all have our health! (Some more than others. Heh.)


Cordia Remsen said...
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Cordia Remsen said...

I am very very sorry to hear all the misfortune you got. My husband and I also get those days where most of the things we touch just do not work out. But I have learnt that in life you just need to press on and hope for the best. It has worked for us so far. Thank you again.

Cordia Remsen @ RB’s Computer Service

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