Thursday, March 19, 2015

Think Pink Lungs Love!

Team Telford is at it again. I got an awesome card from my cousin (a Telford!) via snail mail. I know, I know, snail mail is overrated right? Nope! It was perfect and unexpected and marvelous.

My first Think Pink Lungs support card. I'm thinking about starting a wall of love at home until I get my transplant. So if you're feeling inspired to send a card, I will gladly love it and add you to my wall of love.

Now for a health update. Well, I don't really have one. And that's a good thing. I feel stable. I'm tired a lot so I try and nap, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I watch a lot of movies and shows on TV and Netflix. Since the kids are home from school this month they promised to take me on my half mile walk every single day. We've made it most days, even when I didn't want to go. They even carry my oxygen tank for me, and bonus!, the dog gets a walk too.

Think Pink Lungs!

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