Thursday, February 05, 2015


Things here at Sutter Memorial have stabilized. There is no more need to transfer me to Stanford during this hospital admission. I will be here at Sutter until Thursday, the 12th.

I have been taken off my second antibiotic today and will just be on one antibiotic to try and keep the kidneys and hemoglobin happy for the next 7 days. My hbg today was down from 2 days ago, but still a respectable 9.4.  My CRT (kidney function) is rising, slowly, 1.27 today. But that's a decent number for me.

I had a repeat echocardiogram last night and today the results were great! My ejection fraction was 55%, which I think is an acceptable number to move forward with transplant at Stanford. I still have to get a right heart cath, which they did not require on all patients before, but will require on all patients moving forward starting this month.

My doc wants me to do all future hospitalizations at Stanford, so that will be a treat and a half. Hopefully the next time I get sick the kids will be out of school and they can do some sight seeing and see me every day. That would be fun.

The radiology report came back on the lump in my breast and it's "not likely to be cancer". duh. It's been there for two decades. It's most likely a fibroadenoma, which is harmless.  So I will need a fine needle aspiration sometime soon to rule cancer out, to keep Stanford happy.

I'm not clear if I will need a MUGA scan on the heart, but that can be done locally in Sacramento if need be.

I'm feeling a little better this afternoon but that could be the Ultram talking. I came back from a trip downstairs (to do the fine needle aspiration, then to find out they don't do breast cysts at this hospital!) so I came back and I started getting a headache. I was nauseated too, from the IV meds, so I took some Ultram and compazine. Then 90 minutes later, no relief from the headache. Finally dawned on me, I turned around and my oxygen wasn't turned on! As soon as the o2 was turned back on, the headache disappeared. Whew!

I know so many people have so many questions and I hope this blog answers most of them. It's hard to get back to all my friends online individually so I will tweet this link out for your viewing pleasure.

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