Thursday, February 26, 2015

Health Update February 26, 2015

I sent a little email out to some friends and family. I thought I would post it here as well. Enjoy!

Hello Friends and Family,

As you know, I started the process for evaluation for a double lung transplant at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, CA in October 2013.  At my appointment in January this year, they decided I was in the transplant window. This last month has been a whirlwind of appointments and tests to complete the evaluation process and I’m happy to report I have passed all the tests!

I had an appointment at Stanford yesterday, February 25, and they are going to take my case to the team on Monday, March 2. This is when the surgeons, nurses, doctors, and a variety of other experts I’ve gotten to know over the last 18 months will decide if I’m a worthy candidate for a double lung transplant. If it’s a go, they will do the insurance approval process and hopefully I will be actively listed and waiting for new lungs by the middle of March. 

The average wait time in 9 months, but I know people that have waited longer and some that have waited shorter. I will be assigned a Lung Allocation Score and this is the score that places me in line on the list according to severity of my disease state. The numbers range from 0-100 and fluctuate based on my current condition. To take a guess, an average number for my disease state might be in the low 30’s. The higher the number, the higher on the list I go. However it doesn’t matter how high your number is if there are no lungs available for my size, blood type, and antibody screening, and so many other matching characteristics that come into play. 

I am very excited the team will be talking about me on Monday. My lung function was stable at my appointment yesterday at 0.78 Liters which is the equivalent of about 25% function.  

Think pink lungs!

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