Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Discharge

I was discharged from the hospital today. My lungs had fallen in December to an all time low of 0.78 Liters, which is approximately 25% lung function. After the first six days in the hospital I had a big increase to 0.89 Liters, which is approximately 29% lung function. However, upon my discharge today, the lung function is back down to 0.80 Liters, which is approximately 26% lung function.

Was this two week admission a failure? No. It's just the way things are. Hopefully Stanford will see this non-recovery of lung function as a possible motivation to get me on the lung transplant list this year. So ho-hum. It's still hard to do things because I can't breathe and I want to push myself to do so much more. I still have a daily fever. But I will survive!

Paul picked me up around 10:30 and after about five minutes of paperwork hoopla, we got released and we were home around 11AM.

And Oh, My, God. Who was excited to see me? Mozzi!!!!!! She went absolutely berserk. She peed all over me and the floor. She started crying as soon as she heard my voice. She whimpered like that for a good 30 minutes every so often and did not want to leave my side. She enjoyed her belly rubs from the mama. I missed her.

After an amazing burrito (everything is amazing after the hospital food) I took a long nap, only to be woken at 2:30 by the twins! They loved on me and gave me kisses and I loved on them back. I swear I closed my eyes for just one minute and it was 3:30 already! I had fallen back asleep.

I got up and tried to get things in order, unpacking from a 2 week trip is never an easy feat! There will be more stuff to do tomorrow and of course Paul is doing the majority of the heavy lifting.

I'm glad to be home.

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