Friday, December 19, 2014

'Tis the Season to Sleep in Heavenly Peace

This morning I rolled over at 6:01AM. I wasn't expecting to get much more sleep as the kids would be up soon and it's a constant circus outside my door with the puppy in tow before school now.

But I did.

I slept.

I slept a lot.

I woke at 9:56AM. I had to check a second clock just to be sure. How could this happen? I haven't slept a solid 4 hours in years, let alone into the morning like this!  And on Housekeeper day of all days! They were going to show up within the hour and I had not showered, eaten, or done any treatments. Normal treatments alone, take 1 hour.

I walked around the house, looking for the dog, remembering the crate was in the garage today, so the housekeepers can get around it in the kitchen. I thought, "Wow! Mozzi is being so quiet! Maybe she finally fell asleep in her crate." I noticed it was quite wet on our patio so it must have been raining quite hard.  I walked around some more frantically putting things away and assessing what had to absolutely be done in the next 30 minutes. I decided on getting dressed, putting my hair back up, a quick shot of Xopenex nebulizer, and eating, if there is time.

After deciding getting dressed was priority number 1 I listened to the rain fall outside my window. Then it started pouring and hitting the window quite hard. I didn't even know it was supposed to rain today.

I was all dressed and ready to start some Xopenex.

Then I heard Mozzi cry.

I went looking for her cry and it wasn't coming from the garage. It was coming from outdoors. OMG She'd been outdoors for two hours. In a cast. In the rain. Doh!

I pulled the sopping wet mutt into the house. I dried her with two towels because she was soaked from head to toe. The towel was still soaking up water from her cast after about 10 minutes, and she was dry everywhere else so I called the vet. Off to the vet we go again! I had to put her cone of shame in the dryer b/c it was so wet I thought it was going to give her an ear infection if she kept it on. I wrapped her up in a towel and drove to the vet with her on my lap. I carried her inside and she was whisked away immediately. They were waiting for us.

I got a good talking to by the vet technician and the vet himself, as if I didn't know the cast was supposed to remain dry. Apparently her leg showed signs of being rubbed in the knee area and her toes were showing signs they had been wet on multiple occasions, which was news to me. She can get fungus (athletes foot) if her leg is not kept completely dry for the duration of the cast. Good news is the impromptu x-ray showed improvement in her fracture. The way she's been bounding around the house, it's no wonder. Best news is the new cast only cost me 20 bucks.

Now it's the last day of school for the twins and Tom was coming home with a couple extra friends. It was also a half day. The vet appointment took nearly an hour and I was starving. I had to bring Mozzi to the store to get a sandwich. I decided the best place to put her was to strap her into Abby's car seat, the 5 point harness kind. So new cast and all, she was strapped into place, whining all the way. She stopped whining when she realized she could look out the window.

I made a mad dash into Raley's for some grub and headed back out to the car. Moz was still in the car seat and she hadn't eaten her cast or the car seat straps. Success! She hadn't even peed on the seat. Double success.

I rolled into my driveway and the housekeepers car wasn't there. I thought, oh no! Did they forget to come? No, I'd actually been gone for over 90 minutes and they had come and gone! I got home 20 minutes before the kids. Time to spare! Whew!

I watched Mozzi carefully the rest of the day, keeping her away from the busy boys running amuck in the house, so she wouldn't run after them and potentially hurt her leg again. Boy oh boy, it's been a long day.

So why was Mozzi outside in the first place? Because it wasn't raining when Paul left for work at 8:15 and he knows that I usually get up around that same time. It was just some fluke that it deluged on the day we left her outside AND I slept two extra hours, like a teenager on Christmas Break.

Only 1-3 more weeks with this cast thing! Poor Moz.

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