Thursday, December 26, 2013

Off to the Doc I Go!

Today I woke up in a dilemma. To call the doctor or not call the doctor. I woke feeling a little better than I had earlier in the week. I've had a low grade fever (sign on cystic fibrosis infection brewing in my lungs) for approximately two weeks now. I thought, if I made the effort to see the doctor I would end up having great lung function and look like the girl who cried wolf.

Well, about 5 weeks ago I had approximately 36% "lung capacity" FEV1. That was the highest number I'd seen since spring. I woke up this morning almost fever free but decided to call the doctor anyway, based on how crappy I'd felt on Monday. So it's three days later and wouldn't my luck have it, since I'm VIP, he's got about 3 slots open for me today, the day after Christmas!

I picked the 11AM so I could at least get an hour of breathing treatments done AND a shower before I headed out to what I knew could be a very long day. I was imagining blood work and xrays. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's see what that little PFT machine has to say first.

Well, it was not good news. 29%. My doctor said I did not have the choice to use oral antibiotics at this point because they would most likely not work. And I said, "Look, the only reason I'm here is because I'm going to Cabo in about a month. I need to be healthy for that." He asked me if I wanted to go into the hospital today and I asked him if he thought I looked sick enough to need to be in the hospital. We both agreed no.

But we did agree to 3 IV antibiotics, 3 times a day. That's 9 doses a day, every day, for at least 14-21 days, if my little body can handle such abuse. I'm going to be on Zosyn, Merro, and Ceftaz. Hopefully I can clear some of this thick mucus out of my chest before my big trip. Hopefully my body can handle these drugs long enough for them to have a therapeutic effect. And hopefully I can do this without neglecting my family, because it is Christmas vacation after all!

So after my 11AM appointment with the doctor, I had a noon lunch date with myself at La Fiesta. OMG carnitas tacos with a side of rice and Mexican Coke. Pure heaven.

Then I made it around the block to my 1:00PM check in for my interventional radiology appointment to get my PICC line (IV) placed. IR is where they use ultrasound and xray to place a PICC line in a hard to place person with bad picked over veins.  And there I waited. And waited. I waited until quarter past three, when they finally called me back. Luckily with my truckload of ativan coursing through my system I wasn't nervous or even bothered by the long wait, or the painful procedure.

I finally got home around 4:30. IV drugs were delivered at 5:30 and I'm all set to start my first round at 8:00PM. They only forgot one product, which I have spares, so it's no biggie until I get them to deliver the forgotten product tomorrow.

Told you it was a long day. To celebrate we got take out tonight. "My Thai Basil" which is one of my faves.

In between my plethora of breathing treatments and IV treatments tomorrow, I hope to de-christmas the house a bit, by taking the ornaments off the Christmas tree. Then I have a dressing change for my IV site at 3PM, at which time we will kill two birds with one stone since we have to drive to downtown Sacramento, I'll get dropped off at BIC (Buhler Infusion Clinic) and the kids will go for allergy maintenance shots. Then by the time they are done, I should be done, I hope! Hopefully tomorrow is not as long of a day as today was, with all the waiting around.

You wouldn't believe the number of phone calls I have to make once the decision is made to do a PICC line at home. There's faxing of paperwork to the infusion clinic and appointments for the PICC placement. Faxing of paperwork to the PICC placement place. Then going over supplies with the pharmacist, scheduling delivery of said supplies, once PICC is placed, more faxing of paperwork to prove I have a functioning PICC line and the details of how it is places in my arm so they can compare how it looks from week to week. They don't want the line sliding in or out of my arm b/c that messes up the placement of the PICC line.

I think I have bored you enough with my over sharing. I'll be trying not to throw up and taking many naps in the next 14-21 days.

Tara Out.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmastime is Here!

November 2013 has come and gone, which means the planning and choreographing of the Telford Family Christmas card photo has come and gone. This year's inspiration came from America's Got Talent of all places. The twins fell in love with the Kristef Brother's hand balancing act. I had some delusions of pulling off something far more complicated than feet to shoulders, but that's how we ended up in the end.

We've got the Christmas spirit, how about you?

The most frequently asked question about this year's card is, "Is this real or photoshopped?"

I can tell you it is mostly real and very spectacular. Paul photoshopped some power lines out of the final version. I think the easiest way to show you that this indeed was very real and not photoshopped is to show you a few of the outtakes from that day. 

Poor kids took the brunt of the accidents as they had the furthest to fall. No one broke any bones and Paul is the only one that ended up with a bruise, on his shoulder. 

The twins are already asking how we are going to top this card next year. I think I better start hitting the gym!

In the last day or two friends have been comparing my card to the viral video Christmas card of the family in matching pajamas. Sure they did a lot of dancing but I didn't see any stunts! I think our card this year just might have to go down in history as plain awesome. Team Telford USA!