Thursday, September 19, 2013

Transplant Just Got Real

Whoa, so.... I finally heard from Stanford this afternoon. They have a 4 day long double lung transplant evaluation process where I get poked, prodded, and attend information meetings with all sorts of transplant officials.  It's a Monday through Thursday process, should I be willing to take the challenge. I was told that it can be broken up into different weeks if I so pleased. No thanks, just hit me all at once!

They have dates open starting October 7. Let me say that again, October SEVENTH!  That my friends, is only 2.5 weeks away. Yes, please!

I already got my financial packet in the mail this past weekend. My insurance is awesome. They cover everything, 100%, even 2 meals a day for two people, up to $10K in total during my actual transplant. Can you believe that?!  And I have no lifetime cap with this insurance. Open enrollment for Paul's employer is coming up in October, I sure hope we get to keep this insurance in 2014.

So that is my news. I know October 7-10 will be long, hard, grueling days because of course I have boundless energy, because I'm dying and all. I actually feel pretty strong and good and I think I can attribute that to my oxygen tether. My next appointment for some lung function tests is in one week with my regular doctor in Sacramento, next Thursday. I don't feel better than a month ago, but I don't feel worse either.

I'm not sleeping well, but that has been the case for years. It's gotten worse this last year, as Paul has told me that my restlessness actually keeps him awake, or wakens him nearly as often as it wakens me, which is a lot, I've learned. I have this smart pedometer I'm wearing for a month. It's called a FitBit One. It tracks the movement of my arms during my sleep so I can see that I'm not out cold for more than 60 minutes at a time, and if that length of time happens more than once in a night, hallelujah! It doesn't. So I've learned that I'm getting a choppy 5-6 hours of actual sleep, while attempting to sleep for 10+ hours. No wonder i'm tired!

That is all. Team Telford out.

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Christina said...

Wow - I am really behind. How did it go?