Sunday, August 25, 2013

Small Update

My nurse emailed on Friday to say she had sent my referral to Stanford. What this means is Stanford now knows who I am and that I am asking for a chance to meet with them for a double lung transplant evaluation. I'm not sure what will happen first.

They might contact me to say they have the referral.

They might contact my insurance to see if the transplant evaluation is a covered benefit. (It should be!)

Once my insurance approves the transplant evaluation we will talk about dates to do the evaluation. At this current time they are booking evaluations approximately 6 weeks out. If the stars align I expect to be evaluated in November. I'll be lucky if it's October. I just hope it's before I get my first virus of the winter season. Sometimes I don't get sick until Thanksgiving, so I think we have a lot of time to wait and play with.

That is all the news I have for now. I know it's not much, but it's something.

In other news the twins are thriving at school. Their fourth grade teacher is amazing. They really love him and he loves them. He is a big history buff so I'm sure the kids will learn more than I know about all sorts of history facts. He also likes to play cribbage and chess. He has already started teaching the class how to play chess. They are starting with the pawns. Tom was so impressed he said "Mr. S. is the best teacher I've had because no teacher has ever taught me how to play a board game before! Except Mrs. R. (third grade) taught us German Dodge Ball and that's pretty amazing."

Tom and Abby were so excited to start playing chess right away on Friday when they got home. They made me make a chess board out of a piece of paper with 1"x1" squares. I ended up ordering a cheap magnetic chess set with plastic pieces they can tote back and forth to school on Fridays "Chess Day." And they will be able to play at home as well. They don't know about it yet. It arrives on Tuesday. I think they will be ecstatic!

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Christina said...

Chess is awesome! I taught the kids this summer. Ashley even did a chess camp. And little Thomas is getting pretty good. Yeah for chess!