Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Holy Creatinine, Batman!

My nurse emailed today. "I have some blood work results from Monday," she says.  Most of it was good news, no, fantastic news. My kidneys are almost NORMAL! I haven't seen numbers like this in years. There's no reason for the sudden normalness, but I'll take it.

My creatinine was 0.99, even before I started IVs it was 1.22. My eGFR was 73. What, what?! That is a NORMAL value. Are we sure we tested the right person's blood? I'm so pleased.

BUT my iron is low. Very low. So low my nurse thought I wasn't taking any iron supplements. 9.0 to be exact. That's low for a normie, and even for a CFer. And it's very low for someone taking iron! To be honest, I've never hit 12.0 (the low end of normal) in my life, so I'm not asking for much. But a couple of points, puh-leeze, after I spend $45 on a supplement that lasts just 15 days. You know what this means, steak. Lots of steak. Steak every night!

We are in the midst of thinking about planning the twins' birthday party(ies).  I think they are splitting up this year. Funny though, Tom does not want to miss Abby's party. Abby could care less about Tom's. Should be a fun month ahead!

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Amy said...

steak and potatoes every night!!! So glad to hear the kidneys are improving??!?!?!?! :)