Monday, April 08, 2013

Rhi, Kelly and Meg

Three of my friends died this winter. All three were really unexpected.

Rhiannon and I were pretty close. I helped her plan her wedding 3 years ago. She was brilliant academically and especially enjoyed philosophy. She went in for a routine tune up at the end of November and she was on life support by mid December. She was a fighter to the end and went out on her terms. No plug had to be pulled. Her body just had enough. I think Rhi was able to donate her corneas, as cystics we all believe in recycling ourselves.

Rhiannon Thomson
November 17, 1977- December 17, 2012

Kelly and I never met in person. I had so many trips to Southern California in the time that I "knew" her, I thought of her every time we passed Topanga Canyon, where she lived. Kelly was a gifted photographer and just starting a wedding photography business. She was listed for a double lung transplant. She got her call but the lungs were too big and not only did they not fit properly, they failed to inflate properly. She died from a stroke while on an ECMO machine on January 1, 2013. A giver to the end, this ECMO machine enabled her to donate her liver and both her kidneys. 

Kelly Langs
February 6, 1974-January 1, 2013

Meg and I became fast friends after she learned she was pregnant in 2011. We talked about pregnancy and after her son was born we talked about babies. She worked so hard on her lung health because she wanted to be here for her son. He turned 1 in February 2013. In the middle of March Meg battled something all of us cystics dread, DIOS, or distal intestinal obstruction syndrome. Basically a bowel blockage from too much mucus in the bowels to let our food pass normally. Everything gets stuck, nothing comes out and it is more painful than birthing a baby.  I battled DIOS about two years ago. It landed me in the hospital for three days and from start to finish it was about 10 days of agony. In Meg's case she eventually had to have bowel surgery but died from perotinitis. Meg was a young single mother and if you'd like to donate to her son's trust I have that information. I think the single best last post on facebook from her friends and family, obviously at her direction was, "Tag your (sic) it. I'll save you a seat."  That's so going on my tombstone. Thanks, Meg.

Meggan Moore
May 7, 1988- March 26, 2013