Thursday, January 31, 2013

Out with the PICC!

Today I had a visit with my doctor. It's the first in 10 days, since he was on vacation, and 10 days since we discontinued the IV antibiotics.

I had blood drawn on Monday and I got the results today. My blood work looks much better, my white cells are way down out of crazy highs and even my eosinophils went dramatically down. All my many tests for fungus came back negative and I'm not culturing any new bacteria in my lungs. My doctor is calling this one serum sickness so even though my lung function has not recovered and I remain currently at 37% (lower airways at 15%) we are calling it a day and the PICC line was pulled.

My hope is that in the next month I can continue to hibernate and sleep a lot (my iron is way low) and stay away from viruses. My fevers have finally given up after 30 days. Whew! That was a lot of days. So I think the virus is gone. At first we suspected Epstein Barr Virus, but that was ruled out with later blood work. Although I did learn that I have had EBV in the past. I wonder when that was? I've been chronically tired for nearly two decades, so I can only imagine at which point I contracted EBV from god knows where.

My whole house seems to have escaped whatever plagued me for so long. I will continue my arduous lineup of treatments every day and I start Cayston in the morning. (Not my favorite but at least it's quick and painless.)  I hope my lung function eventually recovers. It reminds me of the epic IV battle during the same time of year in 2006, my 30th birthday no less. I had 7 weeks of IVs and finally we just pulled the plug and threw our hands up in the air. Sometimes less is more I guess. We'll see.


Kaeti Roberts said...

Yay I am so excited for you that the PICC came out and your fevers are gone! I hope you start feeling more like yourself soon!

Christina said...

That is great news Tara - I hope you are able to rest and get some more energy.