Sunday, November 18, 2012

What a Day! New Earrings and All!

Today was the day. Soccer season is officially over so Abby and one of her best friends had a play date to get their ears pierced!

So we walk into Claire's around 12:45 on Sunday and boy was it packed! We didn't get out of there until 2pm!  A little baby had just gotten her ears done and there was one little girl waiting in front of us too. Abby and her friend watched this little girl get her ears done. Big mistake. BIG! HUGE!  The little girl cried and wailed about how much it hurt. But within 2 minutes the crying was gone and so was Abby and her friend's interest! Uh oh.

They were so nervous yet so brave. First Abby's friend went. She sat in the chair and she wasn't so sure about it. She had two employees do her ears at the same time. She did cry but very brief. It takes a long time to set up and sterilize between customers. Abby was pretty much freaking out. She was biting her finger nails and leaning up against me.

It did not help that the first thing they hear when we walk into the shop is a tale of terror. I didn't see it but apparently some stranger walked up to the girls, asked them if they were getting their ears pierced and then went on and on about how much it hurt. Thanks for that.

So Abby was finally next. She sat in the chair. There was a bear to hug so she hugged the bear. I had grand plans to photograph the moment, even video tape it. None of that was going to happen. She wanted me to hold her. Finally both employees were ready and Abby just about jumps out of the chair. By this time she's wiping tears from her face and crying out loud. The gals were so good. They said, we won't do anything until you tell us you're ready.

Abby was never going to be ready. We'd come all this way! Waited all these months!  Even picked out the pink birthstone earring weeks ago.  So we finally got her to stare at me right in front of her, tears running down her face and all and I just whispered to the girls,  "Just do it," as Abby cried, "I don't want to do this! I don't want to do this!"  and then, "Owie owe owe owie." And less than a minute later she's wiping away all the tears and grinning from ear to ear.

She shopped some more, picked up new earrings to wear in January when she can change out the studs and picked out another mood necklace (third this year but this time in the shape of an "A"). She was so glad she got it done and has not regretted it. Well, maybe until I made her clean and turn her earrings tonight before bed.

Maybe I have been out of the ear piercing business for a couple of decades, but man, it's gotten expensive! Did you know it costs $55 to get your ears done now? Of course you walk away with the cleaning solution and the earrings. I think the ones she has are white gold. I'm not sure, but they are the more expensive kind. Still. 55 bucks? Anything for my baby doll.