Friday, March 23, 2012

What's the Big Deal?

Do you all remember the Tom Telford 2006-2009 red phase? Everything he wore had to be red. Red shoes, red shorts, red pants, red shirts, red jackets. All of it. Red. It lasted 3 years and then he finally added blue to the repertoire.

But now we have a new problem. It's an old problem really. We have three months until a family wedding in Southern California and I'm trying to prepare Tom for the idea his shirt will have a collar on it *gasp!* and his pants will have a zipper and buttons. I'm even willing to let him wear jeans for crying out loud.

So yesterday I sent my mom a link to some shirts I found at Macy's. They are so cute! I've even offered to buy Star Wars related iron on patches to iron on some pockets or sleeves or something. I think it would just be adorable.

Now really I feel awful for putting my mom in the middle of this. I asked her to show tom the shirts and ask him what color he wanted. Her response via email this morning:

"He does not like the shirt, would not choose a color, and left the room." End of story. *sigh*

Well I have exactly 90 days to get him used to this idea. Or we could just do what we did when he was two. He was a ring bearer in someone's wedding and of course hated the idea of the pants with snaps and zippers and the jacket and tie and every other torture device known in the tuxedo world. At the time I just dressed him as he lay there screaming and kicking. Once he was dressed he pouted for an hour and then that was that. He was dancing up a storm, all super cute two feet of him, sliding across the dance floor in his rented tuxedo. Adorable.

So maybe I just need to pin him down with the jaws of life to get him dressed for this wedding. T-90d.


Amy said...

sounds like ya might have to tie him down lol

Chipmunk Chatter said...

Of course pinning him down today will be much harder considering he is much bigger...good luck with that. As you know Hannah also hated buttons,collars, zippers, etc. but ever since she started at St. James the uniforms have all of the above. She pretty much had no choice. The first few months she would rip off her clothes when she got home but now she loves her clothes and never changes when she gets home. So the moral of my long story is pretty much don't give him a choice...tell him this is what he has to wear if he wants to go.