Monday, February 20, 2012

My Medical Helper

Tom is adorable. He is Mommy's little helper in every way.

Every time I use a needle I put it on my nightstand (safely capped). I have a very large sharps container in my bathroom, but because it is so big and so ugly, I keep it out of sight and under the bathroom sink. Well every time I eat, I use a needle or two for insulin, every time I do my nebulizers I use a needle to draw out some medication, every time I check my blood sugar I use a lancet and for every 6th lancet I dispose of the barrel of lancets on my night stand. Tom comes by at least once a day and says, "Oh, let me take care of this for you." and he removes my pile of discarded needles (all safely capped!) and puts them in the red sharps container.

The other night before dinner he noticed I didn't run to my room before I sat down and he says, "Mom are you going to use that green thing?" He was referring to my insulin pen that I use before dinner. He noticed I didn't use it! I had been running low blood sugar all day, from using too much insulin, so I didn't want to use it that time. I just find it funny that he notices these things.

He's also very upset if he can't get my Pulmozyme for me before I need it for my night time treatment. Pulmozyme has to be kept in the fridge. It's such a pain because I have all my medications in my nightstand except the Pulmozyme. He loves to go get it for me after his bath, and while he's there, he pulls apart all 6 ampules and sticks them back into the foil packet, then he'll say, "You can tell Tom's been here!" He loves pulling apart my ampules. He does it for Cayston and Xopenex too.

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Amy said...

awwwwwwwwwww what a sweet little guy!!!!! I am all teary eyed now thanks ;)