Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Lunch Date with Diabetes

On Sunday we packed up the fam and jumped in the car for a 2 hour drive to visit some friends for a birthday party.

I always eat the same thing for breakfast and I always take the same amount of insulin. For some reason on this day I bottomed out before lunch. We were planning to stop for lunch on the way anyway but since I was bottoming out we had to stop right away.

We managed to find the only exit in Fairfield with no restaurants in sight. We drove around for a bit and stumbled on an Adalberto's next to a Carl's Jr. Perfect! Tom doesn't like Mexican food, so the kids can get burgers and fries while Paul and I get something at Adalberto's.

As he parked the car (thank god I wasn't driving!) I realized I had to eat now. I asked him to take Tom and Abby to get their food and meet me at Adalberto's later. So in my diabetic low fog I walked into Adalberto's by myself, shoving the only candy I had into my mouth hoping to get my sugars up a little bit.

I'd never been to an Adalberto's before and oh my god there is so much to choose from! A whole wall full of different plate combo's. Now if you've ever had a sugar low, you know that at the time of your low you feel like you can eat it all! I mean, everything! So I found this plate that came with a burrito, taco, rice and beans. The burrito looked rather small in the picture, so I thought I could handle all that.

Well something was lost in translation between my foggy brain and the English/Spanish language barrier because by the time I paid for my order my $9 plate was suddenly $15 but I didn't care. Here's my credit card, just make my food! I sat down and soon enough my food was ready. I got a huge styrofoam box and a gigantic burrito on top. After I sat down I opened the box to find ANOTHER burrito!

Somehow in my diabetic confusion I managed to order two burritos, a taco and a gigantic serving of rice fit for the whole family. I barely got through half of the first burrito, half the taco and half the rice. Luckily Abby must be growing because she finished her cheeseburger, part of her chocolate milkshake and still asked for the rest of my taco and my rice. That little 43 pound 7 year old can eat!

So at the end of the meal we had this giant burrito left over, untouched. Since we had nowhere to store this burrito as leftovers we started looking for homeless people outside to give it to. I kid you not.  We couldn't find a single person to give it to, so into the trash it went. The end.


Chipmunk Chatter said...

I am glad you got to eat before you passed out but why didn't Paul eat the other burrito? Or did he order something completely different. Did the workers not want it? :)

Chipmunk Chatter said...
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Chipmunk Chatter said...
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