Sunday, January 08, 2012

Birthday Fun

Hello Blog! It's been quite awhile. Happy 2012!

Yesterday was the big 3-5 for Paul. We celebrated all day long. The twins made him cards in the morning. Well, they started the night before but because they were drawing so many details, think colorful hearts and butterflies, they weren't able to finish so they finished in the morning. I realized last night when I looked closely at the cards that it seems Abby let Tom write her card for her. She did the drawing but the writing was his. I do a lot of homework with this kids and I think I can tell their writing apart. It was clearly Tom's handwriting on both pieces of paper.

We had cake and gifts in the afternoon and then we went to Jack's for dinner. If you live near Sacramento, and you're not familiar with Jack's, you should be. It's a casual dining restaurant, probably best known for the salads and garlic fries, neither of which I eat, but they have fresh carved turkey, tri tip, and grilled chicken every day and all of it is fantastic.

Tom picked our table, nice and snug next to a couple clearly on a romantic date. Her hair was all done, make up on, glass of wine on the table.  I didn't even know Jack's served wine.

As I'm bringing some of the entrĂ©es to our table the romantic dinner next to us was abruptly interrupted. They looked quite startled and annoyed.  It took me a minute to figure out what happened. Tom had partially unwrapped his straw from the wrapper, stuck the straw in his mouth and aimed the other end at his sister. Well the straw wrapper flew completely past Abby and smack into the middle of the next table. I gushed, "I'm so sorry!" and went to pick up the wrapper, but the guy sitting there just picked it up and smiled at the wryly rascals sitting a bit stunned with their hands over their mouths staring back at him. Nice one, Tom. Nice.