Monday, December 10, 2012

My Kids Are the Best

After nearly breaking down in tears because my arm hurts so bad and there's so much to do this evening and Paul's not home Tom hugs me and says, "Mom, I know, the first couple days are the hardest."  *sobs* OMG!~  And Abby gets out of the shower, she's totally naked and she just says, "First things first mom," and she comes to give me a hug. Totally independent of Tom. How much do I love these guys???!!!

So yeah, I knew things were getting bad. Lung function is down from Nov1 42% to 37% today. I'm started on two IV antibiotics and one pill. I can't do the third antibiotic I always do b/c my kidneys suck so bad and that drug is soooo toxic! I saw 4 different doctors today if you count the lab. My arm is really sore from my PICC line because I'm not allowed to take motrin anymore due to my kidney disease.

Tom and Abby have been so helpful. Well first of all, a shout out to my wonderful neighbor who took my kids home with her for 3 hours, did their homework with them, and gave them a snack on a moment's notice! I love you! They are awesome neighbors to have. In fact I have lots of awesome neighbors that would have done the same thing.

Tonight, Tom took his shower first so he was running around the house, "Mom, what else can I do for you? What else? I'll do anything you need me to do." So they helped get their clothes out for tomorrow, packed lunches, snacks, picked out breakfast and it's only 7:30pm, so now they are doing the rest of their homework (reading for 20 minutes) and then they will call Dad to say goodnight.

Paul will be home tomorrow thank god because I think I'm just going to curl up in a ball for two weeks.  Maybe I will wake up tomorrow and everything will feel ok and great. Probably not though b/c I have to get up at 6:45am. Yuck. And I have another appointment downtown at 11 to change my dressing.

My PICC site really hurts this time, and it's funny b/c there was no pain going in. In fact, they didn't even use a tourniquet! I was in Interventional Radiology but this is a first. I said, "It's not like I want to tell you how to do your job or anything but are you aware I'm not wearing a tourniquet." And this doc says, I don't need one today. So strange. And he was fast.

I think it's the lack of motrin making the pain so bad to be honest. Tom helped me find the Tylenol and we'll see if that helps. I've got my IVs pumping in a little early since it's the first day and I'm going to lie down when I'm done with my treatments. I waited for over 2 hours to get my PICC put in. But hey, I got free parking. I rolled up to the garage in my nice car and told the guy, hey, I only have 3 bucks in my wallet. And he said, "well you know what? It only costs $2 to park here, but I don't want to take all your money so here's a ticket for you to park for free." Merry Christmas, dude. What a sweet guy.

I'm just rambling because I had a really strange day. The school called me at 3:30 and asked if I knew where M was? M is Abby's good friend. Apparently M's mother said she never made it home from school. *worst nightmare ever!*

I had called the school so they could let the twins know I wasn't going to be picking them up. So when they called my cell to ask where M was I told them I wasn't even home yet! I told them to call the neighbors that had my kids and if she wasn't there, which I knew she would not be there because M is a latchkey kid and the other mother, just like myself, would never let a latchkey kid stay at our house without speaking to said latchkey's mother!  So like I thought, M wasn't there but the neighbor went across the street to the other latchkey kid, J, and there they were, M and J, hanging out. 8 years old. No grown ups, just having a play date. OMG! I feel sorry for them in a way. Too young to be on their own. And M's mother! She must have been going crazy for a good half hour before they found M.

The most awesome thing just happened. I just realized I don't have to inhale my antibiotics because i'm infusing them into my arm. OMG this is going to shorten my treatment time hooked up to the nebulizer and vest to just 30 minutes. I forgot about that one perk of being on iV antibiotics. I hope my next update is much more fun and actually about the kids instead of me whining.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

What a Day! New Earrings and All!

Today was the day. Soccer season is officially over so Abby and one of her best friends had a play date to get their ears pierced!

So we walk into Claire's around 12:45 on Sunday and boy was it packed! We didn't get out of there until 2pm!  A little baby had just gotten her ears done and there was one little girl waiting in front of us too. Abby and her friend watched this little girl get her ears done. Big mistake. BIG! HUGE!  The little girl cried and wailed about how much it hurt. But within 2 minutes the crying was gone and so was Abby and her friend's interest! Uh oh.

They were so nervous yet so brave. First Abby's friend went. She sat in the chair and she wasn't so sure about it. She had two employees do her ears at the same time. She did cry but very brief. It takes a long time to set up and sterilize between customers. Abby was pretty much freaking out. She was biting her finger nails and leaning up against me.

It did not help that the first thing they hear when we walk into the shop is a tale of terror. I didn't see it but apparently some stranger walked up to the girls, asked them if they were getting their ears pierced and then went on and on about how much it hurt. Thanks for that.

So Abby was finally next. She sat in the chair. There was a bear to hug so she hugged the bear. I had grand plans to photograph the moment, even video tape it. None of that was going to happen. She wanted me to hold her. Finally both employees were ready and Abby just about jumps out of the chair. By this time she's wiping tears from her face and crying out loud. The gals were so good. They said, we won't do anything until you tell us you're ready.

Abby was never going to be ready. We'd come all this way! Waited all these months!  Even picked out the pink birthstone earring weeks ago.  So we finally got her to stare at me right in front of her, tears running down her face and all and I just whispered to the girls,  "Just do it," as Abby cried, "I don't want to do this! I don't want to do this!"  and then, "Owie owe owe owie." And less than a minute later she's wiping away all the tears and grinning from ear to ear.

She shopped some more, picked up new earrings to wear in January when she can change out the studs and picked out another mood necklace (third this year but this time in the shape of an "A"). She was so glad she got it done and has not regretted it. Well, maybe until I made her clean and turn her earrings tonight before bed.

Maybe I have been out of the ear piercing business for a couple of decades, but man, it's gotten expensive! Did you know it costs $55 to get your ears done now? Of course you walk away with the cleaning solution and the earrings. I think the ones she has are white gold. I'm not sure, but they are the more expensive kind. Still. 55 bucks? Anything for my baby doll.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Save Our School Library: Operation 2012

Save Our School Library!

Tom and Abby go to a public school and because of budget cuts there is no room in the budget for a librarian. Without a librarian, their school library remains CLOSED!

Carroll Elementary is hosting a Jog-A-Thon on Tuesday, October 23. One week from today!

Any donation is appreciated. Tom and Abby love to read. It would be sad not to have library day at school. Help keep
our library open by sponsoring the Jog-A-Thon.

Any amount you can spare is greatly appreciated.

Make checks payable to: "Carroll Elementary PTA" or send your donation via paypal to

Tom and Abby have been hard at work at school practicing for the Jog-A-Thon during PE, in addition to training for their first 5K twice a week (on Oct 28) and playing over 6 hours of soccer a week, each! They are ready for this Jog-A-Thon.

Are you ready to support them?

Pretty Please? With sugar on top?

PS I was going to include a couple updated photos of the twins BUT iPhoto is not cooperating. Story of my life.

Friday, March 23, 2012

What's the Big Deal?

Do you all remember the Tom Telford 2006-2009 red phase? Everything he wore had to be red. Red shoes, red shorts, red pants, red shirts, red jackets. All of it. Red. It lasted 3 years and then he finally added blue to the repertoire.

But now we have a new problem. It's an old problem really. We have three months until a family wedding in Southern California and I'm trying to prepare Tom for the idea his shirt will have a collar on it *gasp!* and his pants will have a zipper and buttons. I'm even willing to let him wear jeans for crying out loud.

So yesterday I sent my mom a link to some shirts I found at Macy's. They are so cute! I've even offered to buy Star Wars related iron on patches to iron on some pockets or sleeves or something. I think it would just be adorable.

Now really I feel awful for putting my mom in the middle of this. I asked her to show tom the shirts and ask him what color he wanted. Her response via email this morning:

"He does not like the shirt, would not choose a color, and left the room." End of story. *sigh*

Well I have exactly 90 days to get him used to this idea. Or we could just do what we did when he was two. He was a ring bearer in someone's wedding and of course hated the idea of the pants with snaps and zippers and the jacket and tie and every other torture device known in the tuxedo world. At the time I just dressed him as he lay there screaming and kicking. Once he was dressed he pouted for an hour and then that was that. He was dancing up a storm, all super cute two feet of him, sliding across the dance floor in his rented tuxedo. Adorable.

So maybe I just need to pin him down with the jaws of life to get him dressed for this wedding. T-90d.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Lunch Date with Diabetes

On Sunday we packed up the fam and jumped in the car for a 2 hour drive to visit some friends for a birthday party.

I always eat the same thing for breakfast and I always take the same amount of insulin. For some reason on this day I bottomed out before lunch. We were planning to stop for lunch on the way anyway but since I was bottoming out we had to stop right away.

We managed to find the only exit in Fairfield with no restaurants in sight. We drove around for a bit and stumbled on an Adalberto's next to a Carl's Jr. Perfect! Tom doesn't like Mexican food, so the kids can get burgers and fries while Paul and I get something at Adalberto's.

As he parked the car (thank god I wasn't driving!) I realized I had to eat now. I asked him to take Tom and Abby to get their food and meet me at Adalberto's later. So in my diabetic low fog I walked into Adalberto's by myself, shoving the only candy I had into my mouth hoping to get my sugars up a little bit.

I'd never been to an Adalberto's before and oh my god there is so much to choose from! A whole wall full of different plate combo's. Now if you've ever had a sugar low, you know that at the time of your low you feel like you can eat it all! I mean, everything! So I found this plate that came with a burrito, taco, rice and beans. The burrito looked rather small in the picture, so I thought I could handle all that.

Well something was lost in translation between my foggy brain and the English/Spanish language barrier because by the time I paid for my order my $9 plate was suddenly $15 but I didn't care. Here's my credit card, just make my food! I sat down and soon enough my food was ready. I got a huge styrofoam box and a gigantic burrito on top. After I sat down I opened the box to find ANOTHER burrito!

Somehow in my diabetic confusion I managed to order two burritos, a taco and a gigantic serving of rice fit for the whole family. I barely got through half of the first burrito, half the taco and half the rice. Luckily Abby must be growing because she finished her cheeseburger, part of her chocolate milkshake and still asked for the rest of my taco and my rice. That little 43 pound 7 year old can eat!

So at the end of the meal we had this giant burrito left over, untouched. Since we had nowhere to store this burrito as leftovers we started looking for homeless people outside to give it to. I kid you not.  We couldn't find a single person to give it to, so into the trash it went. The end.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Little Kids, Big Words

As we were walking home from school today Tom was talking about the oral reports he had seen in class. About 7 kids presented their camouflage habitat dioramas and talked about them. He was particularly gobsmacked about one little girl's presentation. He said her diorama wasn't all that, but her speech made up for it. He said, "Oh my gosh. Her box was ok. It didn't have many things in it. Not nearly as many things as mine had, but her speech was amazing! She had at least 15 big words in it!"  I try not to laugh when they're so genuinely passionate about school. It still cracks me up inside though!

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Medical Helper

Tom is adorable. He is Mommy's little helper in every way.

Every time I use a needle I put it on my nightstand (safely capped). I have a very large sharps container in my bathroom, but because it is so big and so ugly, I keep it out of sight and under the bathroom sink. Well every time I eat, I use a needle or two for insulin, every time I do my nebulizers I use a needle to draw out some medication, every time I check my blood sugar I use a lancet and for every 6th lancet I dispose of the barrel of lancets on my night stand. Tom comes by at least once a day and says, "Oh, let me take care of this for you." and he removes my pile of discarded needles (all safely capped!) and puts them in the red sharps container.

The other night before dinner he noticed I didn't run to my room before I sat down and he says, "Mom are you going to use that green thing?" He was referring to my insulin pen that I use before dinner. He noticed I didn't use it! I had been running low blood sugar all day, from using too much insulin, so I didn't want to use it that time. I just find it funny that he notices these things.

He's also very upset if he can't get my Pulmozyme for me before I need it for my night time treatment. Pulmozyme has to be kept in the fridge. It's such a pain because I have all my medications in my nightstand except the Pulmozyme. He loves to go get it for me after his bath, and while he's there, he pulls apart all 6 ampules and sticks them back into the foil packet, then he'll say, "You can tell Tom's been here!" He loves pulling apart my ampules. He does it for Cayston and Xopenex too.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Birthday Fun

Hello Blog! It's been quite awhile. Happy 2012!

Yesterday was the big 3-5 for Paul. We celebrated all day long. The twins made him cards in the morning. Well, they started the night before but because they were drawing so many details, think colorful hearts and butterflies, they weren't able to finish so they finished in the morning. I realized last night when I looked closely at the cards that it seems Abby let Tom write her card for her. She did the drawing but the writing was his. I do a lot of homework with this kids and I think I can tell their writing apart. It was clearly Tom's handwriting on both pieces of paper.

We had cake and gifts in the afternoon and then we went to Jack's for dinner. If you live near Sacramento, and you're not familiar with Jack's, you should be. It's a casual dining restaurant, probably best known for the salads and garlic fries, neither of which I eat, but they have fresh carved turkey, tri tip, and grilled chicken every day and all of it is fantastic.

Tom picked our table, nice and snug next to a couple clearly on a romantic date. Her hair was all done, make up on, glass of wine on the table.  I didn't even know Jack's served wine.

As I'm bringing some of the entrĂ©es to our table the romantic dinner next to us was abruptly interrupted. They looked quite startled and annoyed.  It took me a minute to figure out what happened. Tom had partially unwrapped his straw from the wrapper, stuck the straw in his mouth and aimed the other end at his sister. Well the straw wrapper flew completely past Abby and smack into the middle of the next table. I gushed, "I'm so sorry!" and went to pick up the wrapper, but the guy sitting there just picked it up and smiled at the wryly rascals sitting a bit stunned with their hands over their mouths staring back at him. Nice one, Tom. Nice.