Sunday, November 20, 2011

Slug Bug King

About a year ago, maybe more, we started counting slug bugs every time we get into the car. You know the drill. You see a Volkswagen Beetle and you slug the person next to you. Except our version is more clean, for the twins' sake. We just call out the beetle as fast as we can, "slug bug yellow!" and that is how you gain a point.

Well Tom is pretty obsessed with finding these slug bugs. He and Paul are pretty competitive. Often times I'll see the slug bugs but not call them out because that's not fun. I let the kids find them. Then for some unknown reason Tom got 100 bonus slug bugs on the way home one night. His tally is currently up in the 200's while Abby and I are in the 30's.

Tom calls himself the Slug Bug King. As the king he can make up rules about who gets to call slug bugs and what slug bugs are valid. You'd be surprised how creative he can get in order to ensure he is the king of slug bugs for eternity.

As we were driving to meet my mom today I told Tom a little white lie. I said, while he wasn't with me the other day I saw a lot of slug bugs. I mean, A LOT!  There were 298 slug bugs in a parade! There was confetti and balloons! So naturally, I just rounded up and proclaimed myself the Slug Bug Queen with 300 slug bugs to my name!

In the back seat Tom sat protesting, even crying, "Tell me you're lying mom! Tell me you're lying!" *sob* *sob* *sob*  I told him I pleaded the fifth and asked for my lawyer. Then we were at our destination anyway, so the case was dropped.

He still doesn't believe me. Do you?


Piper said...

as your attorney, i'm proclaiming this a questionable case. the plaintiff's skepticism as to the validity of the aforementioned "slugbug parade" (hereinafter "the parade) raises a legitimate question of fact to be resolved only by a properly selected jury of your (online) peers, however, in which i remain confident that the widely accepted rule of "mom precedent" will prevail to assure you the perpetual title of "slugbug queen."

case closed.

Jeff Burdick said...

For those looking for the fashion version of this game, check out the YouTube Humor video "How to Play Ugg Slugg" --