Friday, October 07, 2011

Birthday Madness

It happened. A week ago my babies turned 7. At least they still like to be called my babies and they still think that I'm the smartest mom in the world. I know this will not last long so I am living it up!

On Friday night, the day before the birthday we took the twins to their school carnival. The carnival name changes from year to year, this year it was called the Harvest Festival. Nothing like dropping a hundred bucks for luke warm catered food and balloon animals. The twins had a blast and I think a lot of money was raised for the school PTA so that's all that matters.

John and Fran arrived for the weekend festivities that night and the twins were thrilled to see them!

On Saturday we had a family party after soccer-palooza.  Though Tom had 3 rare shots on goal, his team lost but put up a good fight.  Tom's game ended at 1:30 and we headed home for the 2pm festivities.  Paul did a fabulous job creating the perfect cupcakes and homemade ice cream. The twins opened plenty of lovely gifts. Around dinner time all the guests stuck around so we headed to a chinese/Mongolian BBQ restaurant only 1 mile from our house. I love the proximity of this place, close enough to bike to in the summer and the food is de-lish!

Round 1 of singing and cupcakes on Saturday.

Here are the big group shots from Saturday's party.

By Sunday I was spent. I was so over the endless commitments but there was more to do. The twins had their party at a local amusement park for small children called Funderland. It really was a breeze to be able to pay someone to entertain the kids. Well, parents stayed and watched their own children, but having the rides to play on instead of a party at home was definitely the way to go. No mess and the cost is really about the same. Somehow at $13.95/head we had 20 guests ride for 2 hours for only $219. So apparently math isn't Funderland's strong suit, but I wasn't going to complain.

The twins spent most of the day with their eyes closed, but you can tell they were enjoying the roller coasters!

More singing and more cupcakes.
This is the aftermath from the second party.

Totally unrelated but thought I should mention it, Tom tied the school's fastest second grader in the jog-a-thon last month. They both ran 3.06 miles (17 laps around the half track) in 30 minutes!!! Way to go Tom! He has some serious lungs on him. Abby ran about 1.5 miles, which is the furthest she's ever run at one time before. So proud! The jog-a-thon also raised enough money to keep the librarian for the rest of the school year and extra money to keep her around for the start of next year as well.


Christina said...

What a fun birthday weekend! And right on to you and Paul for surviving 7 years! That is awesome that Tom can run so far. That really is incredible. I've been working on 3 miles for a year now. :-)

Amy said...

so much fun to read about their birthday!!!!

Go Tom!!!!!! Glad he didn't inherit your lungs ;)