Wednesday, September 07, 2011

No Invitation For You!

Well, it's that time of year again. It's time to invite a gaggle of kids over for some birthday fun. I did my best to get the invites out in plenty of time. I don't have high hopes that we will get many RSVPs from the kids Tom and Abby only see in school. For some reason the act of RSVPing is a lost art. It doesn't really matter though because the party is not at my house this year!!! I've convinced the twins that we can have the party in Sacramento at this tiny amusement park for kids called Funderland. 

I sent the kids with 25 or so invitations to school on Tuesday morning. I forgot to give them the etiquette speech, since not every kid in both classes was invited. I wanted them to just hand the envelope to the kid and have them put it in their backpack. I realize that's not what happens in second grade.

As soon as the envelopes were brought out both classes huddle around Tom and Abby waiting for their name to be called. Abby told me this story about a girl we'll call Missy. Missy asks her, "Abby, do you have an invitation for me?" With Abby's hands brimming so full of invitations it's hard to weed through them to find out exactly who she had invited the night before Abby says, "I don't know, Missy, let me see." Then Abby goes on to tell me, "Mom! Then I only had 3 invitations left and Missy's name wasn't on them so I said, "Sorry, Missy, maybe next year.""

 My kid is awesome.

 So much for being discreet, huh?

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