Friday, September 30, 2011

The Day Before Seven

Guess who turns 7 tomorrow?




Yes, the Telford Twins are 7 in 2011!!!

They wanted to do something fun and spunky for their birthday at school so we went shopping..... for hair dye. Yes it's permanent... until it washes out. I wish I had these kinds of cojones when I was their age. I love them for their individuality. Well, I guess except that they both copy each other. They are twins after all.

Tom was a little upset the dye didn't turn out darker. To be honest, so am I, but we might try and make it darker tonight so it's brighter for his soccer game tomorrow. We'll see if we can squeeze that in between the carnival at school, a soccer game and two birthday parties in the next 48 hours!  Wish me luck, I'm tired already, but so excited that Tom and Abby are so excited to turn 7. It's all I've been hearing about for three months!

Here's a picture of the twins 7 years ago today. My how they've grown.


emily. said...

happy birthday (weekend) to the telford twins!!! love the dyed hair. it takes a cool mom to let 7 year olds dye their hair for their birthday!

ps - tara, that pregnancy picture is insane!!!

Amy said...

I think I had that bathing suit 7 years ago!!! LMAO

It does take a cool mom! I don't know if I would let Emily and she is 9 haha

And yeah that preggo belly is insane!

Christina said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Tom and Abby!! I can't believe they are 7. And you are super cool to let them dye their hair - that is awesome! And the pregnant picture is fun to see - wow, you had 2 babies inside of you. Wild! :-)