Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of Second Grade

August 15, 2011. The first day of second grade!

I don't know how it's possible to be late on the first day of school when you start at 10am, but somehow we almost did it.

I should preface by saying I had a LONG weekend. Fun, but long. I traveled a lot, without the family and by the time I got home at 7pm I was just exhausted.

I ended up getting up at 7:45AM today, thinking I had loads of time to get out the door by 9:30, take some first day of school pictures for 10 minutes and then walk to school to be 10 minutes early! Um, my body and my kids had other plans.

First of all the clothes I picked out weren't sufficient. Both kids found issues. Tom's top was too itchy (what??? It's cotton!) And Abby's shorts under her dress didn't have pockets. The pockets proved to be important because she has a PIN that must be entered to buy her school lunches. No money actually changes hands in the lunch room, the parents set up an account in the office and the PIN deducts the $2.50 every day she uses it. Well, the PIN is the same as last year, but let's face it, June was a long time ago. So I found her cheat sheet wadded up in her coat pocket. It's part of a pink index card that has been folded and wrinkled a thousand times that it's soft and frayed. I asked her if she wanted to pin the PIN to her dress, and she said that's a good idea so I pinned the PIN upside down on the front of her dress so she can read the PIN at lunch time.

Finally it was time to get mom ready. i had done my treatments but I like to shower before I leave the house, gasp! Sometimes I like to wash my hair, but let's face it, that's far too much of a luxury when you're now down to less than 20 minutes to put yourself together. When I was searching for Abby's student ID number to load her lunch money account, which is different than the PIN.... *sigh*.... I must have disturbed some dust in my filing cabinet because I couldn't stop coughing. This was a body convulsion coughing fit that left me with that surge of saliva in my mouth that says, ok, time to puke now. I resisted and recovered after collapsing on my bed for a breather. Great, five more minutes wasted.

Finally we're showered, teeth brushed, hair combed, shoes on, Tom's lunch was made, water bottles packed and we're out the door. We had time now for like zero photos but I didn't care. I was getting my stinking picture. Cheese! And we were off with the neighbors who then took off like a group of race horses and I gasped and coughed the whole race, I mean, way, there.

The numbers of the classrooms do not correspond to the line numbers on the playground so as I was browsing the new school list of students and class lines I failed to memorize all 4 numbers for my two kids. Tom is in line 24, but I didn't know his classroom number. Abby is in line 19, which was missing by the time we got there because all the students had gone into the classroom already! Luckily we knew her classroom number and she rushed off because she was already late. For the record it was only 9:57AM, so her teacher was early.

I followed Tom's class when they finally went in, and I took a picture of him sitting at his new desk. Now it looks like I love one of my kids more than the other because I didn't get the same photo of Abby on the first day of school. I walked back around the building to see if I could pop into Abby's class and take a photo, but by that point all the parents had left and I didn't want to disturb the class. Oh well, maybe next year!

I'd love to post my photos today, but you'll have to wait. I can't get my Eye-Fi card to load them all onto the computer for some reason. So the ones I want are currently stuck on the camera until tech support gets home. You'll just have to come back! Bwahahahahaha!

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Christina said...

I'm glad the kids made it to school - sounds like a very crazy morning. I guess that's what you get for (!!) wanting to be clean. Isn't it funny how a mom getting showered is the lowest thing on the priority list. Were Tom and Abby in different classes last year too? Do they miss each other?