Sunday, March 13, 2011

Februrary 2011 Telford Twins Update

Abby went to her first father daughter dance this February. She had been looking forward to it since I didn't sign her up last year. She put on her fanciest dress, we did her nails with pink polish and blue sparkling embellishments and we even curled her hair (with a half gallon of hair spray) to her specifications. She had an absolute blast. She told me she was the best dancer there because she takes dance lessons now. She is so confident! In other Abby news she sold 218 boxes of girl scout cookies! She was the second highest seller in her troop. She's going to receive a couple extra patches and pins for al her hard work and she is very excited.

Tom is currently obsessed with Star Wars. He begs to watch the Star Wars movies, he begs for star wars toys. He has a long list of acceptable star wars toys in his mind that he doesn't mind sharing with anyone that will listen. He's looking forward to his half birthday where he may or may not get something star wars to celebrate with. When we drove 6 hours south to the Pezific Coast Pez Convention the only Pez he was on the look out for was Star Wars. He came home with about 20 Star Wars pez. For about a week they were perched up in front of him at the dining room table so they could eat with him and watch his morning cartoon together.

Click HERE for the pictures from February 2011.

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