Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Can We Eat the Snow?

Tom and Abby were treated to a vacation in Lake Tahoe by their Godmother, Michelle and her husband Charles. Paul and I went along for the ride, along with our college buddy, Amy and her 2 year old, Ella.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for sledding. Since it hadn't snowed in weeks, the snow was a bit icy, which made for some hard landings, but that didn't stop the Telford Twins! We did some sledding the day we arrived and we did some more at Squaw Creek on the second day. We also had a nice Italian dinner out at Lanza's. Too bad they're not a chain, the food is good!

I spent a lot of time sitting because I didn't tolerate the elevation well at all with these old lungs. I had to be on oxygen 24x7, which meant I had to tote around the concentrator with me. I was also very sick on IVs so I had meds around the clock. While I was sitting enjoying my hot chocolate at Squaw Creek, Abby got treated to a sleigh ride from Michelle and Charles! Michelle asked the driver to stop in the middle of the route so Abby could get out and enjoy the fresh untouched powder. She jumped out of the sleigh and squealed, "I wish Tom could see this!" He was busy sledding at the time. The powder was nearly up to her thighs! She loved it. She got to feed the horse and drive the sleigh as well.

Every single day the twins kept asking "When can we eat the snow?" Our standard answer was if it's white, you can eat it. Well, to be honest, the snow was so packed it was hard to eat. Well on the third and final day the twins got a treat. Fresh snow!

And here's the gang:

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Telford Twins Take ON 2011 in Style!

Abby has always been a petite girlie girl. She recently started wearing rings on her wedding ring finger to practice for the day her prince gives her an engagement ring. Finding the right rings for her tiny fingers was not easy! We found 7 cheap rings in a box at Claire's for 3 bucks! They weren't quite meant to be sized so small but with some help from Dad and some needle nose pliers Abby is set to be a princess in training! She wears the solitaire "sapphire" ring on Fridays because it's her favorite and it looks a little bit like the one Prince William gave to his fiancée.

Tom learned how to play Monopoly and he loves it. Now he's not very good at it because he buys and buys and buys until he has to mortgage, mortgage and mortgage, but he loves playing the banker and buying properties and building houses and hotels. He seems to think the money in his real wallet is like Monopoly money. He will spend and spend until it's gone not realizing that at on $1 a week allowance, it takes months to be able to afford the toys he wants to purchase. Since he got $20 from his birthday and $15 here and there for Christmas he's built up quite the nest egg and he doesn't mind spending it! His most recent purchase was a pair of sunglasses. They have zebra frames that flip up when you're indoors so you don't have to take off your sunglasses. You can just flip the shades down when you go back outside. He likes them because they are grown up size and he will wear them "forever."

For some pics of the twins during the month of January 2011 click Here.