Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bike Lights!

For my birthday I got three bike lights. Surprisingly it's one of my favorite gifts! It gets dark so early in the winter we can't go biking after 5pm. It's such a shame because Abby has Girl Scout meetings twice a month only a half mile away and I was driving the car!

Paul installed the bike lights for me this weekend, just in time for Abby's Monday meeting. Well everything must have looked so different to them at night because normally I have to pedal my little heart out to keep up but last night I had to beg Tom to "keep moving" or "go faster" because I was practically tripping over him on my bike. We have a bicycle order. Tom goes first, Abby is in the middle and I'm last. I like to keep myself last so I can stick out into the road the furthest incase a car comes up behind us.

I'm trying to teach them the rules of the road, but to be honest we mostly have to cruise straight through a stop sign because Abby is not so good on the stopping and starting on her two wheeler yet. So I usually send Tom ahead and have him stop at the stop sign and look for cars. Then he yells the all clear and we just keep on moving.

I do try and keep them to the right of the road as well. Of course we have a side walk, but that's meant for pedestrians. Most parents want their kids to ride on the side walk, but if they don't learn to look for cars, who's going to teach them? I have to constantly remind Abby to "stay to the right." It's like her bike is possessed. She kinda freaks out if she has to ride too close to the gutter. It's like her bike will jolt out in a perpendicular direction, either into the street or up the curb and then she cries, "I can't control it!" It's actually pretty funny. I think in our whole 1 mile adventure last night we were passed by one whole vehicle on the road, so it's not like I have them out on the highway where it's dangerous.

On the way home from Girl Scouts it was just me and Tom after we dropped Abby off. He is quite the little chatter box. I wonder where he gets it? He was fascinated by his light. "Mom! Look at that stop sign! It lights up! That's from me!" "Mom! Look at those street signs! They light up! That's from me!" "Mom! Look at those tail lights! (of a parked car) They light up! That's from me!" Reflective paint is oh so fun, no?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies for Sale!

Now through Friday, January 28, 2011, Abby is taking Girl Scout cookie orders. Call me to place your order today!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looking Back on Christmas 2010

Christmas was awesome this year. I didn't have to do much and that was good since I got two colds back to back since November 7. I'm STILL on antiboitics for them for another 3 weeks, but hey, who's counting?

Tom and Abby were so excited to see that Santa had indeed arrived and left them gifts. They each got a pillow pet, a movie and another toy they asked for, Abby was a toy Chihuahua and Tom got a nerf gun. Of course Mom and Dad spoiled them rotten as well and so did the other relatives. There's no shortage of toys in this house, that's for sure.

Here is a picture of all who gathered to celebrate Christmas dinner (lunch?) in Davis.