Sunday, November 20, 2011

Slug Bug King

About a year ago, maybe more, we started counting slug bugs every time we get into the car. You know the drill. You see a Volkswagen Beetle and you slug the person next to you. Except our version is more clean, for the twins' sake. We just call out the beetle as fast as we can, "slug bug yellow!" and that is how you gain a point.

Well Tom is pretty obsessed with finding these slug bugs. He and Paul are pretty competitive. Often times I'll see the slug bugs but not call them out because that's not fun. I let the kids find them. Then for some unknown reason Tom got 100 bonus slug bugs on the way home one night. His tally is currently up in the 200's while Abby and I are in the 30's.

Tom calls himself the Slug Bug King. As the king he can make up rules about who gets to call slug bugs and what slug bugs are valid. You'd be surprised how creative he can get in order to ensure he is the king of slug bugs for eternity.

As we were driving to meet my mom today I told Tom a little white lie. I said, while he wasn't with me the other day I saw a lot of slug bugs. I mean, A LOT!  There were 298 slug bugs in a parade! There was confetti and balloons! So naturally, I just rounded up and proclaimed myself the Slug Bug Queen with 300 slug bugs to my name!

In the back seat Tom sat protesting, even crying, "Tell me you're lying mom! Tell me you're lying!" *sob* *sob* *sob*  I told him I pleaded the fifth and asked for my lawyer. Then we were at our destination anyway, so the case was dropped.

He still doesn't believe me. Do you?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Old Married Couple

Tom and Abby behave like an old married couple. They have spent nearly every waking moment together at home. They eat together, sleep together, bathe together, and play together.

I don't often witness them getting ready for breakfast, but this morning I was up before them. *gasp!*  Well, not exactly up before them, but I made my way to the kitchen before them. Ever since they discovered Sunday's Toys R Us newspaper advertisement they have spent the first hour of each morning carefully copying THE ENTIRE AD onto their Christmas lists.

When they finally rolled out to the kitchen for breakfast I watched as they got their cereal ready. Abby is quite the little mother. She carefully pours each bowl of cereal. Then she goes to the fridge where she pulls out two glasses of juice (pre-poured by Dad this morning) and a tall glass of milk (since the gallon is too heavy to lift for them.)  Abby sets the table, placing each cereal bowl in front of the correct seat and then places the cups in their correct settings as well. Then she places the milk in front of Tom so he can pour his first. All the while Tom is messing with the TV, trying to decide which movie the'll watch for breakfast. This week, it's been old re-runs of "ALF" from Amazon on Demand.

Another example: Earlier this week I made some popcorn for them. They decided to eat it outside.  I found them cuddled into one of the patio chairs together. And then, almost as if it was subconscious, they each would chuck a piece of popcorn over their head, behind them, onto the grass for the dog to find. Every once in awhile they'd turn around and giggle as the dog ate the pop corn on the grass.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

School Pictures

The prints are back from the twins' annual fall school photos. Before you ask, yes! They did pick their own backgrounds. The photography company uses a green type screen for every photo and then the kids (or parents) can select which background they want behind them on the printed photographs. Pretty slick!  Tom says it looks like he's a rock star.

Abby's clearly not looking at the camera. In this digital age it's a bit surprising that a mistake like that can go through. All the photographer has to do is make sure there aren't any funky faces and make sure the kid is... um... looking at the camera? But I decided not to have her re-take the photos. I kinda like the charm of bad school pictures.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tom 6, Abby 3

Well, it finally happened. About 10 months after Abby lost her first two teeth (on the bottom) she finally lost a top tooth. She looks like a jack-o-lantern just in time for Halloween!

Tom has lost 6 teeth already and his top two in the front have come in with a nice gap between them which I'm sure will fill in as he gets more adult teeth. I'm hoping this means he will not need braces.  On the other hand Abby's two front bottom teeth have come in crooked. Her poor mouth is so tiny, just like the rest of her and I think she inherited my big teeth!


Sunday, October 23, 2011


On Saturday, October 8, The UC Davis Cheer and Dance Team had an "Aggiette" cheer clinic for children ages 5 and up. They took the kids in at 1pm, taught them how to cheer and dance, fed them pizza at 4:30 and then they got to cheer from the sidelines at the UC Davis football game from 6pm-7:30.  At 7:30 they did a half time performance.

Abby was absolutely in love with being on the field cheering with the cheerleaders. She asked me why she can't do this every week! At 40 bucks a pop, I can see why it's only once a year! Those poor cheerleaders had a couple dozen little girls to babysit for 6.5 hours.

Abby was the only one in a pink skirt, so she should be easy to pick out of the crowd in the photos.  Keep in mind, Paul wasn't there, so the pictures aren't as good as he would have done.

Abby on the sidelines:

Abby at the half time show:

Abby at the half time show finale. 

Friday, October 07, 2011

Birthday Madness

It happened. A week ago my babies turned 7. At least they still like to be called my babies and they still think that I'm the smartest mom in the world. I know this will not last long so I am living it up!

On Friday night, the day before the birthday we took the twins to their school carnival. The carnival name changes from year to year, this year it was called the Harvest Festival. Nothing like dropping a hundred bucks for luke warm catered food and balloon animals. The twins had a blast and I think a lot of money was raised for the school PTA so that's all that matters.

John and Fran arrived for the weekend festivities that night and the twins were thrilled to see them!

On Saturday we had a family party after soccer-palooza.  Though Tom had 3 rare shots on goal, his team lost but put up a good fight.  Tom's game ended at 1:30 and we headed home for the 2pm festivities.  Paul did a fabulous job creating the perfect cupcakes and homemade ice cream. The twins opened plenty of lovely gifts. Around dinner time all the guests stuck around so we headed to a chinese/Mongolian BBQ restaurant only 1 mile from our house. I love the proximity of this place, close enough to bike to in the summer and the food is de-lish!

Round 1 of singing and cupcakes on Saturday.

Here are the big group shots from Saturday's party.

By Sunday I was spent. I was so over the endless commitments but there was more to do. The twins had their party at a local amusement park for small children called Funderland. It really was a breeze to be able to pay someone to entertain the kids. Well, parents stayed and watched their own children, but having the rides to play on instead of a party at home was definitely the way to go. No mess and the cost is really about the same. Somehow at $13.95/head we had 20 guests ride for 2 hours for only $219. So apparently math isn't Funderland's strong suit, but I wasn't going to complain.

The twins spent most of the day with their eyes closed, but you can tell they were enjoying the roller coasters!

More singing and more cupcakes.
This is the aftermath from the second party.

Totally unrelated but thought I should mention it, Tom tied the school's fastest second grader in the jog-a-thon last month. They both ran 3.06 miles (17 laps around the half track) in 30 minutes!!! Way to go Tom! He has some serious lungs on him. Abby ran about 1.5 miles, which is the furthest she's ever run at one time before. So proud! The jog-a-thon also raised enough money to keep the librarian for the rest of the school year and extra money to keep her around for the start of next year as well.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Day Before Seven

Guess who turns 7 tomorrow?




Yes, the Telford Twins are 7 in 2011!!!

They wanted to do something fun and spunky for their birthday at school so we went shopping..... for hair dye. Yes it's permanent... until it washes out. I wish I had these kinds of cojones when I was their age. I love them for their individuality. Well, I guess except that they both copy each other. They are twins after all.

Tom was a little upset the dye didn't turn out darker. To be honest, so am I, but we might try and make it darker tonight so it's brighter for his soccer game tomorrow. We'll see if we can squeeze that in between the carnival at school, a soccer game and two birthday parties in the next 48 hours!  Wish me luck, I'm tired already, but so excited that Tom and Abby are so excited to turn 7. It's all I've been hearing about for three months!

Here's a picture of the twins 7 years ago today. My how they've grown.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13

Today, September 13, 2011, would have been my Dad's 68th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

Jeremiah Aloysius Linehan Jr.
September 13, 1943 - March 30, 1999

I'm not exactly sure when this picture was taken, as there's no date on it. He looks to be about 10 years old. I would have properly scanned it for a better quality reproduction to post on my blog, but the technology gods were not smiling down on me today, so I used Photobooth instead.  That's pretty fitting, if you knew my father, who died in 1999 and never purchased cable TV, nor an answering machine for the telephone at home.  He always said, "If it is important enough, they will call back."


The technology god, commonly known as Paul, came home from work and scanned the photo for me. Here's the higher quality version for your viewing enjoyment.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

No Invitation For You!

Well, it's that time of year again. It's time to invite a gaggle of kids over for some birthday fun. I did my best to get the invites out in plenty of time. I don't have high hopes that we will get many RSVPs from the kids Tom and Abby only see in school. For some reason the act of RSVPing is a lost art. It doesn't really matter though because the party is not at my house this year!!! I've convinced the twins that we can have the party in Sacramento at this tiny amusement park for kids called Funderland. 

I sent the kids with 25 or so invitations to school on Tuesday morning. I forgot to give them the etiquette speech, since not every kid in both classes was invited. I wanted them to just hand the envelope to the kid and have them put it in their backpack. I realize that's not what happens in second grade.

As soon as the envelopes were brought out both classes huddle around Tom and Abby waiting for their name to be called. Abby told me this story about a girl we'll call Missy. Missy asks her, "Abby, do you have an invitation for me?" With Abby's hands brimming so full of invitations it's hard to weed through them to find out exactly who she had invited the night before Abby says, "I don't know, Missy, let me see." Then Abby goes on to tell me, "Mom! Then I only had 3 invitations left and Missy's name wasn't on them so I said, "Sorry, Missy, maybe next year.""

 My kid is awesome.

 So much for being discreet, huh?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of Second Grade Photo

I know this is going to be a little bit disappointing, but it should be surprising. Here is the blurry photo I took with our bazillion dollar fancy DSLR camera. It wasn't until hours later I noticed the settings were on some program that Paul uses to manually focus the photos. My skills haven't reached that sort of level, so I have to use "Granny Green Square" or Automatic settings. Did I look before I took the picture? Of course not! Read the previous entry to figure out why I obviously had time to pause and look for those kinds of details.

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of Second Grade

August 15, 2011. The first day of second grade!

I don't know how it's possible to be late on the first day of school when you start at 10am, but somehow we almost did it.

I should preface by saying I had a LONG weekend. Fun, but long. I traveled a lot, without the family and by the time I got home at 7pm I was just exhausted.

I ended up getting up at 7:45AM today, thinking I had loads of time to get out the door by 9:30, take some first day of school pictures for 10 minutes and then walk to school to be 10 minutes early! Um, my body and my kids had other plans.

First of all the clothes I picked out weren't sufficient. Both kids found issues. Tom's top was too itchy (what??? It's cotton!) And Abby's shorts under her dress didn't have pockets. The pockets proved to be important because she has a PIN that must be entered to buy her school lunches. No money actually changes hands in the lunch room, the parents set up an account in the office and the PIN deducts the $2.50 every day she uses it. Well, the PIN is the same as last year, but let's face it, June was a long time ago. So I found her cheat sheet wadded up in her coat pocket. It's part of a pink index card that has been folded and wrinkled a thousand times that it's soft and frayed. I asked her if she wanted to pin the PIN to her dress, and she said that's a good idea so I pinned the PIN upside down on the front of her dress so she can read the PIN at lunch time.

Finally it was time to get mom ready. i had done my treatments but I like to shower before I leave the house, gasp! Sometimes I like to wash my hair, but let's face it, that's far too much of a luxury when you're now down to less than 20 minutes to put yourself together. When I was searching for Abby's student ID number to load her lunch money account, which is different than the PIN.... *sigh*.... I must have disturbed some dust in my filing cabinet because I couldn't stop coughing. This was a body convulsion coughing fit that left me with that surge of saliva in my mouth that says, ok, time to puke now. I resisted and recovered after collapsing on my bed for a breather. Great, five more minutes wasted.

Finally we're showered, teeth brushed, hair combed, shoes on, Tom's lunch was made, water bottles packed and we're out the door. We had time now for like zero photos but I didn't care. I was getting my stinking picture. Cheese! And we were off with the neighbors who then took off like a group of race horses and I gasped and coughed the whole race, I mean, way, there.

The numbers of the classrooms do not correspond to the line numbers on the playground so as I was browsing the new school list of students and class lines I failed to memorize all 4 numbers for my two kids. Tom is in line 24, but I didn't know his classroom number. Abby is in line 19, which was missing by the time we got there because all the students had gone into the classroom already! Luckily we knew her classroom number and she rushed off because she was already late. For the record it was only 9:57AM, so her teacher was early.

I followed Tom's class when they finally went in, and I took a picture of him sitting at his new desk. Now it looks like I love one of my kids more than the other because I didn't get the same photo of Abby on the first day of school. I walked back around the building to see if I could pop into Abby's class and take a photo, but by that point all the parents had left and I didn't want to disturb the class. Oh well, maybe next year!

I'd love to post my photos today, but you'll have to wait. I can't get my Eye-Fi card to load them all onto the computer for some reason. So the ones I want are currently stuck on the camera until tech support gets home. You'll just have to come back! Bwahahahahaha!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Allergies for Abby

About 2 weeks ago Abby started with a dry cough. I assumed it was something she picked up at the pool since there are so many people at the community swimming pool. It turned into a wet cough pretty fast and it's been that way ever since. She doesn't have a fever, she's not lethargic, her saturations are good (having this fancy CF equipment is good for something!) but she still has the stinking cough.

The other night Paul and I tired to listen to her with my disposable stethoscope. When you're an isolation patient in the hospital, such as myself, they have to use single patient use equipment, including a stethoscope, which I have taken home on more than one occasion because they just throw them out when I leave anyway.

Well, to the untrained ear, I could hear something in her lungs, but not really what I would describe as a rattle. More like a whooshing monotone rumble, if that makes sense.

So today, enough was enough. i called her doctor and by 10am they had not called me back so I just walked her into Urgent Care. BTW the doctor NEVER called me back, so I think we are done with that office. We were out of Urgent Care in less than a half hour with a diagnosis of seasonal allergy wheezing and bronchospasms. The doctor said he would give her antibiotics if I wanted her to have them, but he didn't think she had an infection. This made sense to me since I haven't caught it, and I catch everything!

So he gave her a prescription for Xopenex, which is something I have laying around the house all the time. It's just the puffer (like asthmatics use). She's had two doses and I don't see an improvement in her cough yet, so, hmmmm... We'll just have to wait and see. If I don't see any improvement over the weekend I think I'm going to have to call in some favors and see if my lung doctor will see her as a new patient on Monday. Normally it takes about 6 weeks to get in there... but I'm hoping since I've personally been a patient there for over 20 years, I can pull some sort of seniority card.

This following picture has nothing to do with this post, but it was taken on Monday after Paul got back from Pezamania in Cleveland. There are a couple new little fellows in there.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day at the Park

Today Tom and Abby's friends called and asked if we wanted to help them sell lemonade at Miwok Park. It was a park I had been to only once before. The play structure is under some gorgeous large oak trees and it's an all wooden structure with ramps and bridges. It just gives some different scenery than the standard plastic stuff the twins always play on in the brand new parks in our neighborhood.

Well there was a lot more drinking lemonade than selling going on but the kids had a good time. I had stopped by Carl's Jr to grab a chicken sandwich on the way since it was really late and I hadn't eaten lunch yet. I noticed some squirrels getting rather brave and close to me and my Carl's Jr. garbage. I probably should have thrown the bag away much sooner than I did but I sat there practically on the ground at the edge of the wooden playground for a good hour talking to two other moms while the kids played.

As if the squirrels weren't bad enough, one of the moms says, "Is that a rat?" Sure enough, closest to me, but still quite a ways off, under the play structure out comes a big rat. As long as he stays over there, I'm ok, right? Well, I have my back turned on the rat and all of the sudden one of the moms faces goes blank and she gets up super quick and runs away as I start to feel something bumping into my ankle. (I'm wearing only flip flops on my feet.) Thinking it was the rat I jumped up as fast as my weak legs could go, stumbled into the bark, scraped my knee, recovered (not gracefully) and started shrieking, "Where is it? Where is it?!"

I thought it was the rat, but indeed.... it was only a mouse. Still... THAT WAS MY ANKLE! Ewwwwwww!!!!! I've looked very closely to make sure I haven't been scratched as I really don't want to go get my rabies vaccine today. I think that might be the last time I go to that park.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wackford Aquatics Complex

Yesterday we got our first use out of our 2011 swimming pass to the Wackford Aquatic Complex. It topped out at 100 degrees and we swam for 5 hours! Being the superstar mom that I am, when Abby got home she complained of being cold. Paul asked me what she had to drink during those 5 hours, and other than pool water, I guess it was only a few ounces she managed to choke down during her one 20 minute break for a snack. Yes, you can nominate me for mother of the year now. Poor thing was so dehydrated.

The morning started off with lots of sunscreen. It took me nearly an hour to sunscreen the kids and myself. I was completely spent after doing my legs and making sure I didn't miss a spot. Putting on lotion has become one of those really difficult activities. It's just so exhausting! I guess a lot of things are exhausting when you're only working with 41% lung capacity.

Since the twins' swimming goggles broke last weekend, my intention was to stop in Target on our way to Wackford. Luck would have it that I left my brain, and wallet at home. I had just $20 cash and my photo ID with me for our swimming adventure. So I scratched everything off our list and just headed for the goggles. Luckily we were able to stay under budget, but I'm not sure of the quality of our $6 goggles.

At Wackford there is a huge shallow area. It ranges from zero entry to 4 feet deep. (4 feet by the way is "the deep end" for the twins) In order to go into the real deep end where the diving boards are, you have to pass the swim test, which is to swim 25 yards without rest or help. Abby swam her heart out three times! And three times she failed the test. She was a good sport about it. She got about 3/4 of the way down on her last try, which was the furthest yet! Tom tried the test just once and well... that ended in tears when he failed. They were so bummed because they had been jumping off the diving board at Uncle Mike's last weekend and they so badly wanted to do it yesterday.

There is also a big water slide in the shallow end. I think it dumps them off into a narrow 4 foot deep area of the pool where they can reach the sides easily. No swim test needed, however, you do have to be at least 48" tall. Poor little Abby, barely 43" tall, wasn't allowed to go. She was really bummed. So while Tom waited in the water slide line, which took over 5 minutes, but seemed like an eternity, Abby and I practiced her swimming. She'll be swimming 25 yards in no time!

To give you an idea of how crowded the pool was yesterday I snapped this photo. It was insane from about 1p-3p. It seemed to thin out after 3:30 but was still pretty crowded.

And now totally unrelated, but I took this photo of Tom 8 weeks ago and my oh my how his smile has changed! This was just after he lost his first top tooth around April 23, 2011. Now, on June 23, 2011, he's lost both teeth and the adult teeth are nearly half way grown in already.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Abby asked me over the weekend when she was going back to the eye doctor. She said, "You know how you take me back to the dentist to check my teeth? I want to go back to the eye doctor."

Much to her dismay I told her the eye doctor said her vision was perfect and she doesn't need to go back. She insisted she wanted to go back and then the truth came out. "Mom! I'm jealous! I'm jealous of Hassina in class! Hassina wears glasses!"

So now I'm on the hunt for suitable children's eyewear without a prescription. I have a feeling this current fascination could get expensive very fast.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Luke and Ahsoka

Tom was very serious this morning when he asked me to change his name to Luke. He told me to change it for real so he can ask all his friends to call him Luke. Gee, watch a little too much Star Wars? Yes, it's his favorite series right now. We're a little obsessed.

Abby came in to ask me to call her Ahsoka and I asked her why she didn't want to be Leia. She said Leia carries a pistol and Obi-Wan Kenobi calls it clumsy but with very wide open eyes she told me "Ahsoka carries a LIGHT SABER!"

So there you have it. Luke and Ahsoka.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Pillow Fight!

Paul took the twins to a public pillow fight in Sacramento today. I was busy getting my shop on in Elk Grove, so click HERE for the photos.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Future Olympians!

Tom and Abby participated in the Nutrition Fuels Fitness fun run this morning. For ages 6-9 year olds this was a half mile run complete with a medal at the end of the race for each participant. Boy did the twins feel special! Though we had to wake up early to get there and park about a mile away (they're not joking around when they want you to be in shape for this thing) the kids were cold but ready to go.

It was the first day in a long time that it hadn't rained and we were thankful for that. But the 45 degrees made it hard to fully enjoy that fact. We registered the twins on the spot and they got t-shirts and bib numbers for the race. They got to high five Dinger from the River Cats and various other adults dressed as fruits and vegetables. We even ran into an old friend, a preschool buddy from 2 years ago. Though the twins didn't remember him they thought his mom looked familiar.

Tom came in somewhere in the middle of the pack with a time of 4:22 and Abby rounded up the back of the pack with a time of 6 minutes. She was so cute running her little heart out all the way to the finish line.

After the race they each got to enter the food court and choose from salads, fresh fruit, chicken tacos, energy bars, bagels and water, lots of water stations around! Even mom and dad, though we didn't run the race were able to indulge in the after race treats. Nothing like a chicken taco from Dos Coyotes at 9 in the morning!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Februrary 2011 Telford Twins Update

Abby went to her first father daughter dance this February. She had been looking forward to it since I didn't sign her up last year. She put on her fanciest dress, we did her nails with pink polish and blue sparkling embellishments and we even curled her hair (with a half gallon of hair spray) to her specifications. She had an absolute blast. She told me she was the best dancer there because she takes dance lessons now. She is so confident! In other Abby news she sold 218 boxes of girl scout cookies! She was the second highest seller in her troop. She's going to receive a couple extra patches and pins for al her hard work and she is very excited.

Tom is currently obsessed with Star Wars. He begs to watch the Star Wars movies, he begs for star wars toys. He has a long list of acceptable star wars toys in his mind that he doesn't mind sharing with anyone that will listen. He's looking forward to his half birthday where he may or may not get something star wars to celebrate with. When we drove 6 hours south to the Pezific Coast Pez Convention the only Pez he was on the look out for was Star Wars. He came home with about 20 Star Wars pez. For about a week they were perched up in front of him at the dining room table so they could eat with him and watch his morning cartoon together.

Click HERE for the pictures from February 2011.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Can We Eat the Snow?

Tom and Abby were treated to a vacation in Lake Tahoe by their Godmother, Michelle and her husband Charles. Paul and I went along for the ride, along with our college buddy, Amy and her 2 year old, Ella.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for sledding. Since it hadn't snowed in weeks, the snow was a bit icy, which made for some hard landings, but that didn't stop the Telford Twins! We did some sledding the day we arrived and we did some more at Squaw Creek on the second day. We also had a nice Italian dinner out at Lanza's. Too bad they're not a chain, the food is good!

I spent a lot of time sitting because I didn't tolerate the elevation well at all with these old lungs. I had to be on oxygen 24x7, which meant I had to tote around the concentrator with me. I was also very sick on IVs so I had meds around the clock. While I was sitting enjoying my hot chocolate at Squaw Creek, Abby got treated to a sleigh ride from Michelle and Charles! Michelle asked the driver to stop in the middle of the route so Abby could get out and enjoy the fresh untouched powder. She jumped out of the sleigh and squealed, "I wish Tom could see this!" He was busy sledding at the time. The powder was nearly up to her thighs! She loved it. She got to feed the horse and drive the sleigh as well.

Every single day the twins kept asking "When can we eat the snow?" Our standard answer was if it's white, you can eat it. Well, to be honest, the snow was so packed it was hard to eat. Well on the third and final day the twins got a treat. Fresh snow!

And here's the gang:

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Telford Twins Take ON 2011 in Style!

Abby has always been a petite girlie girl. She recently started wearing rings on her wedding ring finger to practice for the day her prince gives her an engagement ring. Finding the right rings for her tiny fingers was not easy! We found 7 cheap rings in a box at Claire's for 3 bucks! They weren't quite meant to be sized so small but with some help from Dad and some needle nose pliers Abby is set to be a princess in training! She wears the solitaire "sapphire" ring on Fridays because it's her favorite and it looks a little bit like the one Prince William gave to his fiancée.

Tom learned how to play Monopoly and he loves it. Now he's not very good at it because he buys and buys and buys until he has to mortgage, mortgage and mortgage, but he loves playing the banker and buying properties and building houses and hotels. He seems to think the money in his real wallet is like Monopoly money. He will spend and spend until it's gone not realizing that at on $1 a week allowance, it takes months to be able to afford the toys he wants to purchase. Since he got $20 from his birthday and $15 here and there for Christmas he's built up quite the nest egg and he doesn't mind spending it! His most recent purchase was a pair of sunglasses. They have zebra frames that flip up when you're indoors so you don't have to take off your sunglasses. You can just flip the shades down when you go back outside. He likes them because they are grown up size and he will wear them "forever."

For some pics of the twins during the month of January 2011 click Here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bike Lights!

For my birthday I got three bike lights. Surprisingly it's one of my favorite gifts! It gets dark so early in the winter we can't go biking after 5pm. It's such a shame because Abby has Girl Scout meetings twice a month only a half mile away and I was driving the car!

Paul installed the bike lights for me this weekend, just in time for Abby's Monday meeting. Well everything must have looked so different to them at night because normally I have to pedal my little heart out to keep up but last night I had to beg Tom to "keep moving" or "go faster" because I was practically tripping over him on my bike. We have a bicycle order. Tom goes first, Abby is in the middle and I'm last. I like to keep myself last so I can stick out into the road the furthest incase a car comes up behind us.

I'm trying to teach them the rules of the road, but to be honest we mostly have to cruise straight through a stop sign because Abby is not so good on the stopping and starting on her two wheeler yet. So I usually send Tom ahead and have him stop at the stop sign and look for cars. Then he yells the all clear and we just keep on moving.

I do try and keep them to the right of the road as well. Of course we have a side walk, but that's meant for pedestrians. Most parents want their kids to ride on the side walk, but if they don't learn to look for cars, who's going to teach them? I have to constantly remind Abby to "stay to the right." It's like her bike is possessed. She kinda freaks out if she has to ride too close to the gutter. It's like her bike will jolt out in a perpendicular direction, either into the street or up the curb and then she cries, "I can't control it!" It's actually pretty funny. I think in our whole 1 mile adventure last night we were passed by one whole vehicle on the road, so it's not like I have them out on the highway where it's dangerous.

On the way home from Girl Scouts it was just me and Tom after we dropped Abby off. He is quite the little chatter box. I wonder where he gets it? He was fascinated by his light. "Mom! Look at that stop sign! It lights up! That's from me!" "Mom! Look at those street signs! They light up! That's from me!" "Mom! Look at those tail lights! (of a parked car) They light up! That's from me!" Reflective paint is oh so fun, no?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies for Sale!

Now through Friday, January 28, 2011, Abby is taking Girl Scout cookie orders. Call me to place your order today!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looking Back on Christmas 2010

Christmas was awesome this year. I didn't have to do much and that was good since I got two colds back to back since November 7. I'm STILL on antiboitics for them for another 3 weeks, but hey, who's counting?

Tom and Abby were so excited to see that Santa had indeed arrived and left them gifts. They each got a pillow pet, a movie and another toy they asked for, Abby was a toy Chihuahua and Tom got a nerf gun. Of course Mom and Dad spoiled them rotten as well and so did the other relatives. There's no shortage of toys in this house, that's for sure.

Here is a picture of all who gathered to celebrate Christmas dinner (lunch?) in Davis.