Sunday, November 28, 2010

T-28 Days Christmas Countdown Is On!

Where has the month of November gone? The twins have been home all month and they have had several play dates with neighbors and other friends. They also had their first two sleepovers this month!

We had a busy day today. Paul drug the christmas tree out from the garage and we set to work! The twins put all the ornaments on, and I traveled right behind them moving them to more appropriate branches. It's funny they way they hang ornaments. Half the time they fall right off the tree because they've been hung on the tip of the branch. I also wanted the ornaments somewhat evenly spread, and this is not the twins' forte. They tend to clump at about twin level and I wanted ornaments on the sides and top as well. I don't even think they noticed I moved 90% of the ornaments they put on. Maybe they'll notice next year.

Tomorrow the twins go back to school. It will be interesting because I'm still on IVs which is making me really tired. I was getting horrible headaches from one of the drugs, but figured out if I infuse it slower (which is a pain to do) I'm still able to take it. I'm on 4 antibiotics right now, three of which I get to juggle as the twins are getting out of school.

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