Friday, November 12, 2010

North Carolina

We gave the mother-in-law a fabulous birthday present this year. She had the honor of watching the twins for 4 days while Paul and I attended my cousins wedding in North Carolina. We should probably make that up to her at some point. Many apologies, Jean!

As the kids celebrated Oma's birthday (by being spoiled and taken out for meals and toys and books and play dates at the park) Paul and I got to wine and dine and visit with a side of my family we hadn't seen in years. We saw my dad's two brothers, Bob and John. The night before the wedding the bride took us out for drinks and dinner. Uncle John waved me over to Uncle Bob's table and Uncle Bob just looked at me and asked, "Who are you?" I explained I was Tara, Jerry's daughter. Then he says, "Oh, you have the twins, Tom and Abby!" He has a digital picture frame loaded with pictures of relatives and captions, so he knows my kids very well. It's been 6 years since I had seen him and he is 85 years old. I don't blame him for not recognizing me!

The trip started off with a bang though, when I lost my wallet at the Sacramento airport. I rushed to buy a bottle of water before jumping in line to pre-board the plane and that's the last time I saw my wallet. I either put it down in the airport, or I got pick pocketed or I left it on the plane, or it fell out of my backpack. Who knows! It is gone and I have had the my plane tracked and called all the airports lost and founds... it's not coming back.

The expensive part is I had pulled out $100 cash the day before, just to have some spending money in the airports during my trip. I didn't even realize the wallet was gone until I got to the hotel in North Carolina at the end of the day because my mom had treated me to lunch in Dallas. The most excellent part is no one used any of my credit cards so I'm sure my wallet is lying in the dumpster somewhere and John Doe is buying lots of expensive souvenirs on my dime.

The wedding was gorgeous, but a bit chilly for us Californians. The small amount of rain stopped right before the ceremony and there were plenty of heaters in the pavilion. I am glad I did have a sweater on my sleeveless dress though. The food was good and the bride was gorgeous. The groom seemed very friendly and we had a great time! After the wedding my family met up at Ruby Tuesday's for drinks and dinner. It was a dry wedding and most everyone wanted to drink, so Ruby Tuesday's was the only choice since it was in the same parking lot as our hotel and no one had to be the DD. It was really great to see some cousins I haven't seen but maybe twice in my whole life. One of them even lives in San Francisco!

There was quite a difference in culture between California and the south, which I wasn't expecting. Everyone is very sweet and chatty and hospitable. We got asked no less than 8 times how our meal was during a quick 30 minute trip on the road at O'Charlies. We stopped for fast food at a random gas station Subway near Charolotte and I think we were there for 30 minutes because the kid behind the counter felt obligated to share his life story with us while (slowly) making two sandwiches. So life is definitely different in the south. BBQ is different. It's very vinegar flavored, not the thick sweet sauce we have in CA. I also tried hush puppies for the first time. They were great appetizers at the bar! I had never even heard of them before.

I did get to bring back one cheap souvenir. I caught a cold on the plane ride home. At least that's the best I can tell, since I started getting sick 48 hours after the plane ride. I can always back track my exposure to 48 hours prior to getting symptoms like clockwork. Right now it's just a head/nose cold. I can handle that except it did make my blood sugar whacky today. All of the sudden I felt extremely nauseous, dizzy and tired. I thought I was getting hit hard with some more symptoms. I decided to check my sugars and it was only 51. I had eaten lunch an hour before. I guess I didn't eat enough carbs. Nothing a little snickers bar couldn't cure. That was after I got over the nausea with some compazine. My life is so glamorous!

HERE are some pictures from the wedding.


Piper said...

note to tara: as a southerner (born in TX, lived in ATL) i feel obligated to tell you that ONLY carolina bbq (and sometimes memphis) is vinegary. the bbq you're used to "deep south" bbq (popular in GA, AL, most parts of TN, and MS). texas bbq tends toward the spicy and/or smokey. in any store worth it's s*** in the south you can buy all types, and they will be labeled "carolina style" or "southern style" or "texas style." welcome to the world of BBQ, darlin'. it's crazy as all get out, but it's always made with a heapin' mess of love.

Piper said...

1) add an "is" between "to" and "deep south." subtract apostrophe in "any store worth its s***". super late.

Amy said...

LOVE the wedding colors and the cake looked fabulous! (so did the bride of course lol).

I'm all about the smoky Texas BBQ!!!

The Mantha Family said...

What a beautiful wedding! Glad you and Paul had fun!