Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just Cleaning Up the Neighborhood!

Tom is really into picking up trash lately. The other night we went on a family bike ride. He stops in the middle of the street to pick up a discarded McDonald's cup. Guess who got to travel home with it in her bike basket? Remind me to disinfect that tomorrow...

On our way home from school today he collected an empty bottle of transmission fluid, two plastic bottle caps, a disposable straw (that looked like half of it was gnawed off with a chain saw) and a dirty paper napkin. Guess who got to carry all this home? Yours truly.

The kids get "Comet Coupons" during recess for picking up trash on the playground. Their mascot is the Comet and these coupons are awarded to students caught doing good things for the school or for themselves. They also get coupons for running around the 1/4 mile track during recess. Every week a Comet Coupon winner is drawn by the principle and the student gets to pick a prize.

Well this has carried over into our every day life. I think I should start carrying a trash bag with me on the way home from school, you know, like those doggie poop bags you take when you walk the dog. Good times.


Amy said...

Aww that's adorable!!! I hope he sticks with his trash picking for a looooong time! We need more people who love the environment :)

And yes, sounds like you need to start carry a garbage bag and some disposable gloves, and purell ;)

LASANKEY said...

Last year they did something similar at Max's school and he told me some of the things they found on school property -- he found a CD, paper, a sock. But one kid found a BRA and another underwear. Yikes! And this was a standalone kindergarten center.

The teacher indicated in her newsletter that they found some unexpected items and they never cleaned up the school yard again.

Yep, I think I'd be carrying around a garbage bag, gloves, purell, wipes.

Ratatosk mom to max age 7 wcf

The Mantha Family said...

That is great that they are learning to be such great citizens!