Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Bunk Bed Switch

While the twins were at school on Thursday I slaved away for an hour unmaking and re-making their beds. There is nothing easy about changing bunk beds, especially with 43% lung function. As I gasped away I thought about what Tom was going to say when he got home because not only was I changing the sheets I was switching the bunks! I put Abby's sheets on top, and Tom's on bottom.

Well 2 hours went by after school and neither of them had gone into their room. Abby made it back there first and she came running out to the living room to get Tom. She was giggling so hard it was hard to understand her. She was so excited! She told Tom as they both raced back to the bedroom, "Tom! Tom! You have to see this. This is amazing. She did it! Wow! You have to see this, it's so great!"

Tom got back to the bedroom and ... *silence*. He eventually said over and over, "I do not like this at all." He was very calm about it though. As soon as Dad got home Tom explained he was going to "destroy Abby and Mom for this." He got his nerf gun out and pretended to shoot us. He knows he can't shoot an unwilling participant.

It took them awhile to settle last night for bed time. They were too upset or excited to sleep, I'm not sure. But overall Tom took it better than I thought. It definitely went better than it would have, had he been home during the great sheet switch.


Amy said...

well of course Abby was excited she got the top bunk now haha!!!

And changing the sheets is one of the reasons I rarely do it on Emily's bed. It takes so freaking long!! She has bunk beds too and often times switches them up so it really isn't too bad.

The Mantha Family said...

That is great that Tom was able to articulate his feelings. I'm glad he didn't destroy you and Abby and I'm glad he got over it.