Friday, September 10, 2010

The Disappearing Iron Man

Well, I admit, in hindsight it was a mistake.

The twins have a fundraiser coming up next month and their class is putting together a "Littlest Pet Shop" and "SuperHero" raffle basket. Us parents are responsible for filling the baskets. I guess between 75 students they ought to be busting at the seams with toys for the raffle.

I decided to buy 2 super heros for Tom to turn in and two Littlest Pet Shop animals for Abby to turn in. Abby has no problem doing what she's told and she'll let you know when she's jealous of something. Like one day after school she said, "Mom, I saw a girl eating a doughnut after school and I was soooo jealous!" So the next day Paul treated the twins to doughnuts (a rarity around here!)

Tom is not so obvious. I bought him Iron Man and Spiderman figurines to turn in to his class. Well, apparently he doesn't have his very own Iron Man and he slyly let me know it.

I placed the figurines in his backpack and then I found Iron Man on the couch a few minutes later. I didn't think anything of it. I told Tom they were a donation for school and I put it back in his backpack.

Then I found Iron Man on the couch again. I put him back. Then I found him on the kitchen table. I put him back. Then I found him hiding under the glider's ottoman in the living room. I put him back. Then after the twins went to bed I checked the backpack and guess who was missing? Iron Man.

I told Paul all about the disappearing/reappearing Iron Man and asked him to look in the twins room in the morning and put it back in his backpack if he can find it. Well Paul found it stuffed in the back of one of the dresser drawers. He snuck it out, put it in the backpack and off to school they kids went.

When I picked Tom up from school I asked him if he turned in both toys and he said no! That little stinker! He kept the Iron Man for himself. Paul and I decided if Tom wanted to, he could keep the Iron Man if he worked for it. So after school I put him to work vacuuming up dog hair in the living room, in the kitchen, down the hall and in my bedroom. I think it took Tom a solid hour to complete this task. I guess he earned his $5 Iron Man after all.

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The Mantha Family said...

Isn't he a sneaky one?! Good for you for having him do some chores to keep it - I definitely think kids need responsibilities around the house. And I bet he enjoys the Iron Man a lot more because he had to work for it.