Monday, September 20, 2010

The Camping Trip

On Saturday after the soccer game I packed the twins up and sent them on their way with a family Tom met through soccer only just one month ago. They went camping in Yosemite! This was a big weekend because it was their first "sleepover" with friends!

I'm happy to report there was no whining or crying all weekend (until Tom got home, but that's another story.) They came home dirty, tired and hungry on Sunday evening. I think they had a good time!

I didn't get much information but we did hear that they had a camp fire both at night and in the morning, they did some hiking and wading through a river and they didn't run into any bears. Oh and all Tom ate all weekend was pop tarts, which probably had something to do with the two hour screaming fit he had once he got home. He did say, "But they DID have strawberry filling!" That must make the pop tarts healthy. Tom also reported that when Abby got dressed in the morning she put on her jacket, and only her jacket. Why she wasn't wearing a shirt under her jacket, we'll never know. That's about all I'm going to get from two five year olds until I talk to the other parent from the trip I think.

Here's a photo from Saturday night in the tent.

Here they are on Sunday morning on their hike.

As I was washing their jackets and one of their dirty stuffed animals I noticed a loud thumping sound in the dryer. I thought for sure it was the stuffed animal eyes, or the zippers from the jackets, but no, this was more like shoes bouncing around in the dryer. I opened it after a couple minutes to find a rock. Not a pebble, not some sand but a big old ROCK! Mental note: next time, check jacket pockets.

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Amy said...

they look like they had fun!!!!

And I hate weekends when the kids go away...even with us! I swear it takes till the next weekend to get them back to "ungrouchiness"!!!!