Thursday, August 05, 2010

Vanishing Soccer Ball

About a month ago I purchased all of Tom's goodies for soccer.

Cleats. Check!
Socks. Check!
Shin guards. Check!
Ball. Check!

$75 later were were happy campers, walking out of Sports Authority. Yeah, yeah, I know they have cheap $25 packages, but have you ever been shopping with Tom? He is very specific about colors incase you didn't notice. He tried on a bunch of shoes and to be honest, they didn't have many size 13's anyway.

We went to the park several times to practice kicking the ball around. Tom was so enthused about it. But then a couple more weeks went by and all of the sudden real practice snuck up on us.

Monday was the first day of practice. 20 minutes before we were supposed to hop on our bikes and head to the field I started looking for this soccer ball. It wasn't where I remembered seeing it last. In fact, it wasn't anywhere! We turned the house and garages upside down looking for this stinking ball. Gone.

Luckily we had a spare, but it was a size 4, which was bigger than the required size 3 for U7. We got to the field and the coach was so nice. He said Tom could borrow one of his extra 3's anyway.

Wednesday rolls around and all of the sudden we are panicked to go find a size 3 ball for Tom. Practically sold out at Sports Authority. They didn't have a ball in the colors Tom wanted so off we went to Target. Again, practically sold out and they didn't have a ball in the right colors. Ok, off to Big 5 Sporting Goods. Nearly struck out again there but I put my foot down. "Tom, just pick one. These are the 3 you have to choose from." He chose the white with some black and yellow accents that match his shoes. *sigh* finally done. That only took an hour longer than necessary.

I won't even go into the debacle about pumping the thing up once we got home. Good times.

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