Tuesday, August 03, 2010

June/July Telford Twins Update

The Telford Twins graduated from Kindergarten in June. They are excited to be 1st graders. This will be the first year they will be separated and have two different teachers. Abby has finally stopped breaking down into tears exclaiming, "But I want to see Tom at learning time!" As Tom has assured her, "Abby, don't worry, I will see you at 1st recess and 2nd recess and lunch time." He's such a good brother.

Tom and Abby play in their room for about an hour every night before lights out. One night Tom comes to get me early and says, "Mom, you must see this." He proudly stomps back to the room and points at the floor. Meanwhile Abby has disappeared and I can hear her sobbing while yelling, "Tom! I told you not to tell!" Yup! Tattle Tale Tom was making sure I was well aware that Abby took the yellow crayon and drew all over the light brown carpet. Abby is mortified, screaming bloody murder, "I didn't do it on purpose!" When in fact she did do it on purpose, she just didn't think it would show up. What better way to find out! Needless to say, unsupervised coloring in the bedroom is no longer allowed.

For pictures of the twins from June 2010 click here.

For pictures of the twins from July 2010 click here.

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