Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Week of First Grade

Last Monday was the first day of first grade for Tom and Abby. They are in separate classes this year. I wish I had a wealth of information to tell you about their first week, but if you've ever tried to pry information out of a 5 year old about their day, you'll quickly realize they are not very forthcoming.

I did find out that on the first recess on the first day, Tom went and found Abby and gave her a big hug. What a sweet brother he is.

On the first day I was able to walk them to school because they had a reverse minimum day. Get that? That means they start late and end on time. We went outside to take our annual photos first. They look so big, don't they?

For the rest of the week, and the rest of the year, Paul is taking the twins to school when they start at 8AM. That means, Mommy is a very happy Mommy and she doesn't have nap! She gets to sleep in! They kids have been waking up at 7AM and by the end of the week, we could tell they were getting tired even with our strict bedtime of 8PM.

I hope the rest of the year goes as smooth as the first week.

Just for comparison here are there other First Days.

2009 Kindergarten

2008 Preschool

2007 Preschool

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Vanishing Soccer Ball

About a month ago I purchased all of Tom's goodies for soccer.

Cleats. Check!
Socks. Check!
Shin guards. Check!
Ball. Check!

$75 later were were happy campers, walking out of Sports Authority. Yeah, yeah, I know they have cheap $25 packages, but have you ever been shopping with Tom? He is very specific about colors incase you didn't notice. He tried on a bunch of shoes and to be honest, they didn't have many size 13's anyway.

We went to the park several times to practice kicking the ball around. Tom was so enthused about it. But then a couple more weeks went by and all of the sudden real practice snuck up on us.

Monday was the first day of practice. 20 minutes before we were supposed to hop on our bikes and head to the field I started looking for this soccer ball. It wasn't where I remembered seeing it last. In fact, it wasn't anywhere! We turned the house and garages upside down looking for this stinking ball. Gone.

Luckily we had a spare, but it was a size 4, which was bigger than the required size 3 for U7. We got to the field and the coach was so nice. He said Tom could borrow one of his extra 3's anyway.

Wednesday rolls around and all of the sudden we are panicked to go find a size 3 ball for Tom. Practically sold out at Sports Authority. They didn't have a ball in the colors Tom wanted so off we went to Target. Again, practically sold out and they didn't have a ball in the right colors. Ok, off to Big 5 Sporting Goods. Nearly struck out again there but I put my foot down. "Tom, just pick one. These are the 3 you have to choose from." He chose the white with some black and yellow accents that match his shoes. *sigh* finally done. That only took an hour longer than necessary.

I won't even go into the debacle about pumping the thing up once we got home. Good times.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

June/July Telford Twins Update

The Telford Twins graduated from Kindergarten in June. They are excited to be 1st graders. This will be the first year they will be separated and have two different teachers. Abby has finally stopped breaking down into tears exclaiming, "But I want to see Tom at learning time!" As Tom has assured her, "Abby, don't worry, I will see you at 1st recess and 2nd recess and lunch time." He's such a good brother.

Tom and Abby play in their room for about an hour every night before lights out. One night Tom comes to get me early and says, "Mom, you must see this." He proudly stomps back to the room and points at the floor. Meanwhile Abby has disappeared and I can hear her sobbing while yelling, "Tom! I told you not to tell!" Yup! Tattle Tale Tom was making sure I was well aware that Abby took the yellow crayon and drew all over the light brown carpet. Abby is mortified, screaming bloody murder, "I didn't do it on purpose!" When in fact she did do it on purpose, she just didn't think it would show up. What better way to find out! Needless to say, unsupervised coloring in the bedroom is no longer allowed.

For pictures of the twins from June 2010 click here.

For pictures of the twins from July 2010 click here.

A New Bunk Beginning

Saturday was the year's most anticipated BBQ. The annual Dairyville Pez Gathering. Tina is so nice to open up her home each year to about 100 Pezheads looking for a place to gather, sell and collect Pez.

On Friday night Abby was inhaling her hot dog. I asked her what the hurry was and she yelled, "I just want this day to be OVER so I can buy Pez tomorrow!"

Tom and Abby are becoming quite the collectors! They each had $10 to spend. I made sure to bring singles because I knew they would most likely be buying 50¢ and $1 pieces. They took their time choosing exactly the pieces they wanted to add to their collection. It was quite the process.

On Sunday Paul put together the twins brand new bunk beds! They were so excited and participated for most of the 3 hour assembly. They ran around the house collecting ball caps and sun hats so they could pretend to wear "hard hats" while they were helping Dad with the construction. They also snapped a bunch of pictures of the process.

And here is the final product.

When I was picking the beds out online I brought Abby into the room and asked her which bed would be hers. She pointed to the bottom bunk. Then I asked Tom the same question and he pointed to the top bunk. We thought that issue was settled. As they were tucked into bed on Sunday night Abby was practically in tears because NOW she wants the top bunk. I have a feeling we are going to have to do a monthly rotation or something to be fair. That's not going to make Tom happy!