Tuesday, July 06, 2010

An Elephant Never Forgets

Just like an elephant the twins never forget!

So last Wednesday Abby came to me with one slipper. She has a large heart shape embellishment gem on this slipper and she asked me to cut it off for her. She said Tom really liked it and she wanted to give it to him.

Rather than ruin her slipper I told her to think about it for a week and come back next Wednesday if she still wanted it off. Well, I had completely forgotten about it and she walks into my bedroom this morning with two slippers and asks, "Is it next Wednesday yet?" I had no idea what she was talking about. She says, "You told me you would cut off these hearts next Wednesday."

I thought I had to completely ruin the slippers straps to do this but she assured me it was only tied on with two strings. She was right. So off to get the scissors she went and I cut both hearts off the slippers. Man, these kids don't forget a thing!

It didn't even occur to me that today is only Tuesday. It was only after I published this blog post and saw Tuesday stamped on top that I realized it's not Wednesday yet! Ah, the life of a stay at home mom when all the days are the same!


Amy said...


They really don't forget and heaven forbid you try to get them to forget, pffffft!

And yeah my days are all the same except the weekends when Peter is here LOL

The Mantha Family said...

That is really sweet that she was willing to dismantle her slipper to make her brother happy. Very sweet!