Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wheels on the Bike Go Round and Round

On Thursday I bit the bullet. I went and purchased the bike I wanted from a bike shop in downtown Sacramento. After I got over the sticker shock, picking out the bike was pretty fun. I had the twins there to give their input. Tom wanted me to get red, Abby wanted me to get purple. I ended up narrowing down to the choice of green or pink in the style I wanted. I got the pink hawaiian themed beach cruiser with fenders and three speeds. It's a dream to ride!

We had our first family bike ride last night. I had promised when I got my bike we'd all go to the yogurt shop about 1.5 miles up the road. Even though it was 100 degrees out at 7pm we saddled up and took off. Abby was till on training wheels so she was slow. She was so slow I had trouble keeping up with her. I almost fell over riding that slow! Tom on the other hand "zoomed" ahead with Dad.

On the way home I rode with Tom. He asked me if he could "zoom" and I thought for sure I could keep up. There must be something wrong with my pedals though. They don't seem to go as fast as his. It's most likely operator error, as I was huffing and puffing and my thighs were burning so hot I almost thought they would burst into flame. Next time he wants to "zoom" we'll make sure to pack my oxygen.

One of these days when it's not a bazillion degrees outside I'll get a photo of me on my new bike.


Tamiko said...

Yay for family bike rides! Can't wait to see a picture of you on the bike! Cruisers are awesome. :)

The Mantha Family said...

I'm so curious to see your bike. I have been thinking about getting one and have been checking craigslist.