Monday, June 14, 2010

PG Movies and Bad Habits

Tom and Abby have been thrilled this year that we have let them watch some PG movies instead of just G rated cartoons. They started off with the "Superman" series and moved onto the "Ghostbusters" movies.

Yesterday Tom was heard screaming down the hall confidently, "What the hell is going on here? What the HELL?"

Seriously, if you know me and Paul, you KNOW he did not learn that word from us. I'm pretty sure it came from Ghostbusters but when we called Tom into the room to tell him that was a bad word and it wasn't appropriate he wouldn't tell us where he heard it. He was either too afraid to tattle on the kid that told him, or he honestly heard it too many times (too much Ghostbusters?) that he has no idea where he learned it.

I thought it was kinda funny because he was so confident when he said it. He never hears us use foul language at home so he has no idea what is appropriate and what is not. I mean this is the kid that said, "Mom, there's a bad word in this movie." When I asked him what it was, he said, "stupid."

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Tamiko said...

I've heard quite a bit of foul language from my students, but when someone says "shut up" or "stupid," you get ALL kinds of gasps!! They are incredulous, but not about others using the F word or the B word!!!