Friday, June 18, 2010

Kindergarten Promotion

In case you missed it, and most of you did, fear not! I have captured the entirety of the Kindergarten promotion celebration on my flip video. Not only that, but I have shared all the short video clips with you below.

My favorite is "Each of us is a Flower, Growing in Life's Garden." However it's a bit hard to understand with all 19 voices singing at the same time. I'll have to capture Tom and Abby singing it at home for me so you can hear the lyrics better.


Water Travels in a Cycle

I Live in California

Slippery Fish

Each of Us is a Flower, Growing in Life's Garden!

The World is a Rainbow

Start Spreading the News, 1st Grade, 1st Grade!

Abby's Diploma

Tom's Diploma

1 comment:

Tamiko said...

The performances are so cute! I know the Each of Us is a Garden song. When the kindergartners at our school perform it at our unity assembly once every couple of years, I tear up each time! :)