Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picnic Day 2010

Saturday was the UC Davis annual Picnic Day. If you're not familiar with this event, you should be. We go every year!

The weather was perfect and the food was delish! Tom and Abby really had a blast this year. Despite saying they were not going to watch the parade at all, they sat through the whole 45 minute parade and ate all the candy that was thrown at them. I think that's enough bribery to watch again next year.

After lunch we left the twins with Grandma for a couple hours and they made all sorts of art projects. During that time, Paul and I, being the bus nerds that we are, made the extra long hike to the pad to check out the busses. Surprisingly quite a bit has changed in the last 11 years since our graduation.

The most exciting part of the pad was.... get this... driving the new Alexander Dennis. What IS that you say? Why, it's this delicious looking 40' long 14' tall piece of machinery:

All you busnerds are jealous now. The most surprising part of this adventure is the fact that I don't have a class B license nor have I ever had one. I only got to drive it in circles on the pad. They didn't let me drive it in the parade as show above.

I was nervous of course:

Totally afraid I was going to plow into another bus or building. AD, as I like to call him, came away without a scratch on him and I earned my wheels for the day.

For more fantastic photos from our day on Saturday click here.


Amy said...

thats so awesome!!!! looks like you guys had a blast :)

The Mantha Family said...

Rock on Tara! I'm going to forward this to Srikant.

John said...


I just want to say hi. It's me Hollywood. I am very glad I found you on Twitter. I hope you and the twins are doing well. I'll read your blog to catch up. So sorry to hear about Q. What a terrible loss.