Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lots of Sleep

Since my surgery I've been on some pretty heavy drugs and they make me sleep a lot. Today after I got up at 7am for breakfast I went back to bed utnil 1pm. Well around 4pm Tom comes up to me in the kitchen and complains that he wants ice cream before dinner because I'm having ice cream before dinner.

Well we all know that's not how it works around here. Dinner first, fruit second and then dessert. I wasn't feeling well and the only thing that sounded good was ice cream, so ice cream I had.

Tom looks at me and says, "Mom I thought you said you were going to be sleeping a lot these days. So how come you are not sleeping." I told him I am doing a lot of sleeping, but right now I'm going to eat my ice cream.

As I turned around to walk away, I can feel the fire coming out of his eyes as he follows me down the hall and he says, "Fine! I'm going to do this." and then STOMP! He stands on my oxygen tubing and sends me flying backwards almost spilling my ice cream. Nice. Real nice.

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Amy said...

OMG did you beat him or crack up laughing? I had the urge to do both!!!!