Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Caramel DeLites

Tom spied my stash of Caramel DeLites tonight after dinner. So after he ate some yogurt and apples he broke into my "special box" of cookies. Those were his words not mine. Then he complained for about 15 minutes trying to convince me he needed 3 of them because they were SO small. I told him, just one and that if he liked them he could choose it for dessert again tomorrow.

Well guess what.... thumbs up! Shoot.

He walked into my room with a scowl on his face after his taste test. He holds up three fingers and says, "Mom, I have 3 things to tell you."

"First, I liked your special cookies and I wish I didn't."
"Second, I wish they were THIS big!" (holding his hands about 1 foot apart from one another)
"And third..... well, that is all."

And off he stomped.


Liza said...

Little Debbie makes German Chocolate Cookie rings that are similar to the caramel delites.

Caramel delites are my favorite as well. Thank goodness the girl scouts didn't show up this year as I have nooo control when it comes to those cookies! Ratatosk

The Mantha Family said...

I'm waiting for my thin mints to arrive. Without a doubt, I will go through one box each day for 3 days until I have no more boxes. :-) Are you guys feeling better?

Tamiko said...

Haha...that is a great story. Love how he had his three things to tell you. As a teacher, I love to see his organized mind at work. ;)