Friday, January 29, 2010

Tween Already?

Abby is very passionate about a lot of things. When she gets her mind set on something and then it doesn't turn out the way she expected, all her little tiny emotions erupt into big shiny tears and sobs heard around the block.

Today it was one thing after another. I picked her up from school and she asks if she is going to the dance tonight. There is a fundraiser at school. It's a father daughter dance, for $30 per couple. Paul and I talked about it a month ago when the flyer came home and we decided it's better to go when she's older and might appreciate it more. Well we should have consulted her first!

She burst into tears right there in front of her classroom when I told her she was not going. "But H. is going!" sob sob sob. H. is her teacher's daughter and somewhat of a celebrity around here. It wasn't enough that it could have been a quality evening between her and her father. No. She wanted to go because H. is going.

Once we got home she was reminded that I threw her snow white toothbrush in the trash bin because I forgot to take the trash out of the bathroom today even though I knew as soon as she got home she was going to wash her hands and see snow white in the trash bin again. I bought her a shiny new toothbrush yesterday, but alas, it does not have Snow White on it. She sobs, "Mom! What if I change my mind and I want to use my Snow White toothbrush again?" sob sob sob. This being the toothbrush that is so worn the bristles do not stand at a 90 degree angle anymore, rather a 180. *sigh*

I heard her continue to mumble as she was washing her hands. I went into the bathroom to try and calm her down and she says to me between her tears, "Mom we need to move." sob sob sob "This house is too old! It's so boring." (the house was built in 2004) "We need to buy a house closer to school." (because we live 1/4 mile away from school right now.) "You know that long sidewalk?" (less than 2/10 of a mile long) "I hate that sidewalk!" sob sob sob. I picked her up as she clung to me like a little monkey and just said, "ok."


The Mantha Family said...

Oh, I just want to give Abby a big hug. We have days like that as adults too, but we understand that tomorrow will be a better day - it is so hard for kids to know that. You should give her some cookies!

Amy said...

awww poor thing!!!!! She is a girl and some days yep every little thing gets our emotions in a fritz! Hope that today was a better day for her :)

Chipmunk Chatter said...

I am glad Hannah isn't the only one with "emotional" days like this. I sympathize Tara. Just think, I get to have 2 of them soon...and then I think I might just move out in their teen years! I don't know how your parents did it with 3 girls! :)