Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RIP Shawn

I just heard the news that Shawn passed away last night. CF really sucks.

RIP Shawn.

She will be missed.


Chipmunk Chatter said...

I am sorry Tara.

Eydie / Shawn Reed said...

Hi Tara, Eydie here, How did you find out so fast? I just got back her lap top and her belongings. We are really not ok but are trying... We plan on having a life party for her in a few weeks, will let you all know.
I cant figure out her passwords for the chat room so maybe you can send me the link to either Shawns email or you can send it to mine at ohmytigger@sbcglobal.net. I want to stay in touch as she Loved all of you SO MUCH and you all helped her in ways you will never know. I will go for now.
Much Much Love Eydie

The Mantha Family said...

I'm really sorry Tara.