Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mishaps in the Rain

On our way to school this morning Tom slipped in a huge slippery puddle and we had to go back to the house to change his pants. That's how awful the mess was! Lucky for us this puddle lives only two doors down, so we didn't end up being late to school. From now on, we will be avoiding that bit of the sidewalk and walking around it to be on the safe side. It's got some mossy goo on it that makes the rain and sprinkler run off quite slick. The better solution would be to go take a shovel to it and scrape the goo free, but that would take some work and we all know, I'm not one to volunteer for yard work, let alone in front of my neighbors house.

In other news Tom has been turning around his sight word lists very quickly. In fact just last night he memorized sight word list 18 and got the new list, number 19, today in class. The teacher mentioned to me that she's never had a student turn them around so quick and she wants him reading books as soon as he's done with all 20 lists... which will be tomorrow evening. He did read two whole stories out of one of his early reader Thomas the Tank Engine books that he got for Christmas tonight. Once this kid gets a grip on something he just takes off! He'll be reading my blog in no time, in which case I guess I better stop writing such embarrassing stories about him.

Abby said the cutest thing the other day. We were talking about Tom's wiggly tooth and he was all worried that the tooth fairy wouldn't get notified in time. Like what if his tooth falls out one afternoon? How will she know to come to his house that night? I told him we can write her a letter, but he knows how the mail works. It might take a day or two to get to her. Abby suggested we email the tooth fairy. I think we'll be composing that email soon!

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The Mantha Family said...

Yeah Tom - that is awesome that he is picking up on reading so quickly!