Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Raining It's Pouring

We've had buckets of rain here in the Sacramento valley this week. Once the gale force winds died down the twins squealed with delight upon using their umbrellas to walk to/from school in the steady drizzle.

Tuesday was particularly blustery with 60mph winds so I actually drove 1/4 mile to the school to drop them off. We sat there in the parking lot before school as the car got pounded from side to side with wind and rain. "Is the car supposed to shake like this?" Tom asked.

We prepared for our exit outside the car. I instructed them to get out and start walking toward their classroom. Easier said than done. They kinda wandered behind me in all sorts of directions at the wind pounded us from the front. Abby had a particularly rough time walking in the wind, barely able to keep pace with a snail. But we made it, all 50 steps into the classroom. I really should have taken video. It was quite a sight!

The rest of the week was less windy, therefore we walked with umbrellas and the twins were so so pleased about this. Abby has an obsession with stepping in the gutters because there are better puddles to splash in there. Maybe I should have invested in rain boots for them?


Amy said...

better make them knee high boots!!!!!!!

The Mantha Family said...

Thomas, Ashley and I got soaked walking in and out of preschool this week. Several moms went out and got rainboots for their kids, I wish I would have too, but I know that once I buy them we won't have rain for months. :-)