Monday, January 11, 2010

The Day I Volunteered

Against my better judgement to stay in hibernation during flu season I volunteered at the twins' school today. I have to say I wish I could do this more, but seeing as there were lots of kids coughing and sneezing and spewing all sorts of viral yumminess all over me today, i think it's best I lock myself in an underground germ free safe zone the rest of the winter.

In the first classroom I got put to work marble painting. What? You've never done this? I ended up with swirly colorful paint all over my clothes. Awesome. You're totally missing out.

In the second classroom I put my BS in Mathematics to work by trying to teach long division to fourth graders. I had 4 students that needed extra practice with me in the back of the classroom and all but one of them really got it. At least I had a 75% passing rate at the end of the hour.

In Tom and Abby's class I got to sit at the math table once again. This time though, there was no long division and there were nearly knock down fights as to who got to sit next to Ms. Telford. I feel so loved. All the little chitlins wanted to sit next to me. They weren't even wise to my antibiotic/compazine combo sleepiness and low blood sugar grumpiness because being five is so innocent. I love it.

And let's not forget my rockstar mom moment when I walk into the twins classroom and realize Tom's got his shirt on backwards. There's clearly a pocket in the back that's supposed to be on the front. Brilliant.

Tomorrow I'm going to Target. I haven't been there in 3 days. I miss my second home.

And for your enjoyment, this just overheard from the twins in the living room.

Tom (pauses video game) "Abby! What are you doing?"
Abby (out of breath) "I'm doing my workout."
Tom "Can I try?"
I come around the corner to see what all the fuss is about. Abby's doing bicep curls with her Little Tikes basketball hoop.
Abby "Tom, No! I'm doing my workout so I can be as strong as you. I want to be as strong as my big brother"
Tom commandeers basketball hoop anyway.
Abby runs to bedroom to get her toy double stroller, comes walking down the hall out of breath and into my room:
Abby: "Mom! Look at me! This is a workout. It's heavy" (as she bench presses her double stroller)
Then she asks me, "Mom, is running a workout" and proceeds to run up and down the hallway as fast as she can giving herself a pep talk the whole way.

Good times at the Telford household!


Katrina said...

Hi Tara! Sounds like you had a good time helping Abby & Tom and others in school last week. :) I bet you used plenty of hand sanitizer! lol Great pictures! Hugs, Katrina

The Mantha Family said...

That is so fun that you went to their school! I didn't know you had a BS in Math. Very cool!